What a Day!

I finally found time to quilt today but it left me so frustrated I had to stop. I hate my machine! I’m in desperate need of a new one but I don’t have the money to do it. So I deal with my stupid machine that can’t quilt a straight line for five inches… I sat done for 3 hours. Wanna know how muchI got done? One line! That’s it!!! So right now my Orange Quilt is laying over a my chair… A much better position than where it was earlier (crumpled in a ball on the floor, in case you were wondering.). The thing that makes everything worse is that I just shelled out $100 over the summer to get it fixed! Arghhhh! Sorry but I just had to vent…

One a happier note, I started my picnic basket turned sewing basic revamp! I started spray painting it and it looks great but sadly I ran out of paint. So now that project is put on the back burner until I can get back to the store. I’ll share some pics of the half completed basket tomorrow.
Until then!



I’m almost literally dying inside! Slowly but surely… It has been almost a week since I quilted last but it feels like an eternity. Its been a crazy week and I haven’t had the time or energy to sit and sew. On the plus side, I’ve gotten a lot of cross stitch done!
This is the exact reason that I want to take a whack at hand quilting. It is a lot more portable. I’m in the car at least 40 minutes a day and that is wasted time that I could be quilting (since I’m not the one driving and all). As soon as I finish my sewing basket (and Orange Quilt, and Alligator Quilt…) I’ll definitely give it a try. For now I’ll have to stick with cross stitch. *sigh*

P.S. Thanks for sticking it out with me as I vent my frustrations 🙂

You Can Quilt! 2012

Sadly, there has been no quilting around here lately. *sad face*. So I thought I would share with you my 4-H quilt from last year…The one that really got my started in quilting.
This was my second year taking the project You Can Quilt! This year, after receiving 2nd place on county level, I was fortune enough to be selected to show at state. State was definitely an experience. It’s amazing what some of these kids can do and still be the same age as me!

Hopefully you can tell that my quilt was inspired by the Marvelous Minnie Mouse (she’s my idol!). The little flower embellishment is an upside down yo-yo flower, but I didn’t know that at the time I made it. It was there to represent Minnie’s hat from when she was first on the scene.
I received a lot of compliments on this little wall hanging. The judge’s scores were mostly very high but what killed me, and others, was those pesky mitered corners. That being said I escaped state without placing in the top 20% (Outstanding of the Day) or getting the Clock Trophy (first place.)

For this upcoming year, I’m planning on taking You Can Quilt! again (and until I place) and also the Quilting Self-Determined. The Self-Determined quilt will give me more freedom in what pattern of quilt I’ll make, how large, and many different things. But there is also a ton more competition in the Self-Determined, which scares me.
I’m hoping to start working on it soon to avoid that whole “haste makes waste” stuff. But then again, judging’s not until June!

Sewing Basket Update

Yesterday I was able to go to JoAnn’s and, among another things, got the stuff I need for my picnic basket turned sewing basket revamp. I got four fat quarters for the inside lining. There are three bright oranges and a softer orange with polka dots that will be used for the pocket on the top.

I also got a satiny white to color the basket with. My favorite buy of the day probably has to be the ribbon I got to line the edges of the fabric. It has hedgehogs!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!

I can’t wait to get started on this project… But I think it will be best if I wait until I’m done with my Orange Quilt. (Which I haven’t made any progress with since I ran out of thread.) Hopefully I’ll finish him by the end of this weekend… That’s not aiming too high right?


Itchin’ for a (Hand) Stitchin’

Late last night I was really craving a finish and some hand stitching. So I hopped on Pinterest and found this uber cute thread caddy/ needle case thingy. And since there was some hand stitching that had to be done, to my fabric drawer I went!

Isn’t he cute!?!? I choose a jungle flannel print because I’m really only a three year old in an adult body.

(Excuse my lack of manicure and terrible blanket stitch.)

It’s such a clever idea (my dad said I should patent it… I wish). And it’s really simple to make. So you should all go here, stop drooling, and make one for yourself. Go. Shoo, shoo!

A Busy Day for the Mailman, Part 2

Yesterday, along with my A for Alligator print, Mr. Mailman also brought me an eBay find all the way from Georgia.
After seeing this on Pinterest (my obsession), I knew had had to have on myself.

20120922-101252.jpg (from here)

So I ordered a huge (19 1/4″ x 13 3/8″) vintage picnic/sewing basket. I’m so uber excited to transform it!! I just have to figure out how to line it with fabric… and find things to fill it with… This is gonna be fun…


Im also using his revamped vintage suitcase as inspiration. I love the pocket on the top, so I’ll definitely try to recreate that.

20120922-102126.jpg ( from here)

Dontcha wanna make one now?!?

A Busy Day for the Mailman

The delivery man sure had his hands full at my house today! I got two packages and I’ll share one today and the other later.
My first package came from Connecting Threads. Connecting Threads is an online quilt shop that, I must say, is fab-u-lous. They have adorable fabrics and a wide selection too.

This is my very first online fabric buy and I am very happy with it. I was able to get custom cuts and the shipping was also fast (considering it had to cross the whole country.). My only complaint is that the fabric appeared darker in the picture online than it actually was.

This is “A for Alligator” from the flannel line Wild Ones. This is absolutely perfect for a project that I have in mind! Its uber soft and cuddly and I cant wait to start working with it!!

I haven’t had time to quilt any more of my orange quilt so its still patiently waiting on my sewing table…all lonely… Poor thing…

{Quilting Progress}

I began quilting this top the other day and it has been slow going. I decided on straight lines in the block after realizing I hate sewing long lines. I’m using a royal blue that really pops on the mainly orange blocks.

I really wish you all could feel this quilt right now! It has an amazing texture on both the cotton top and flannel backing.


The orange polka dot blocks will be quilted in he same way with a bright orange thread and the green blocks with have a dark green thread.


I’m in love!!

{Work in Progress}

I was up late last night trying to finish up the top to this baby quilt.

It will be quilted with straight lines; either just in the lined blocks or among the seams. What do you think? It will be bound with the same green polka dot as in the blocks and will be backed with a snuggly white with stars flannel.