{Quilting Progress}

For the past week, I’ve been working on hand quilting my Orange Quilt. I have five blocks done and I’m working on my sixth…. Only 28 more! Whoo-hoo. O, and that’s only the striped squares, as I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the orange and green squares.

I’m really enjoying hand quilting. It’s really relaxing and I love that it’s so portable! My only complaint is that my back will start hurting after a while but I’ll deal. The hand quilting has been leaving me worried about deadlines… Especially with my 4-H quilts. I want to get in another couple quilts for the practice but I cannot be rushed. I’m hoping to have my Orange Quilt finished by November so that I can start my Alligator Quilt and have that ready for Christmas. And then after that I’ll hopefully work on starting my 4-H quilt.

I am having trouble with one thing and I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. So, here, take a look:

Eww, right? My top stitches are mostly very straight but if I turn it over, the back stitches are all wonky. Its not bothering me a whole lot yet (but it still bothers me some) but I’m really concerned that I wont be able to figure out whats going on and this is what all my quilts will look like. Yikes, I hope not! Does anyone know what’s going on???


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