You Can Quilt! 2011

This was my very first full quilt! Prior to this, I had only pieced a little Churn Dash block at my Joann’s Quilting 101, which I still lovingly have. I have to give my grandma a ton of credit for helping me with this. We pretty much trucked through the whole top in on full day. I got all the fabrics from a little quilt shop that my grandma goes to called Fabric Crafts by Rosalie. This lady was sooooo sweet and helpful and thanks to her, we realized the pattern in the project book was wrong (which I’m pretty sure I ran into this past year). Her shop is in her home and her poor husband practically lives in a quilt. They’re everywhere!

I used a lime green, stripes, and a solid black to create a stair step pattern using a Rail Fence pattern. Ms. Rosalie taught me to keep my eye to he black, which came to play in last year’s quilt.

I added this adorable zebras and I’m in love with them!
The quilt was tied and that was by far my least favorite part of the process for that year. I figured out that it was a poor needle choice that caused me all my problems. I remember the judge wrote on my score sheet that I could have asked for help after I told her about all the trouble I had. I completely disagree with that because its my project and I should do it myself. How exactly do you get help with tying a quilt without someone physically doing it, its not something you can guide someone with.

Looking back on this quilt now, I realize that I did make a lot of mistakes. Especially in the binding, but that is a tricky part. The craftsmanship is that of a newbie. I am very proud of it, even if I may or may not regret the color choices! 😉 At my 4-H County Judging, I ended up getting the first County Award. Basically, I got Second Place. The girl that went to State to show (got First) had a really nice double sided quilt. I wish I could remember how she did, but I can’t. Anyway, she deserved it.


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