Ma, Look What I Made!

Look what I made again! Its another thread caddy/needle holder.

I made this one for my mom because she thought mine was so cute and because she started her first quilting class. We brought her to the dark side, muhahaha! Anyway she loves it and so do the ladies in her class. She didn’t even have to show them before they started oohing and awing.

This one is a gazillion times better than my first one. I kind of want to make myself another one… You can never have too many, can you?

I absolutely L-O-V-E these little guys! They’re sooo handy and adorable!

On a side note, I found out what was wrong with my sewing machine. I had the wrong sized bobbin in…. Oops. In my defense, no one has ever told me there were different sized bobbins!


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