{Works in Progress}

This week has given me plenty of sewing time and I’ve taken advantage of it! I was able to put the seam ripper away and pick up my quilting needle again. I’m finally in the home stretch!

Look at that thread bunny!

Official WIP Stats:
Blocks Left: 10
Total Blocks: 34
Percent Done: 71%

I’m hoping to have this baby done by December 8. That will give me plenty of time to finish all the blocks and sew the binding on.

In other news, I had a great time in Disney! Unfortunately I did not get much sewing time. Twenty thousand (20,000) steps a day takes a lot out of you! I was able to get some more hexies done on my Alligator Quilt, though.

This quilt sure does grew fast, but, boy are hexies monotonous! I could never work on just a hexie quilt, but I love it as a side project.


So what’s going on in your little quilting world?

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Keep Calm

That pretty much sums up all the progress on my Orange Quilt. I had to rip out a little more than a dozen blocks full of quilting. I’m finally in the home stretch with only two more blocks to go. Woo-Hoo! The only problem is is that the blocks are machine quilted (with a very small stitch in some places) with straight lines almost 1/4 inch apart. That’s a lot to rip out!
Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle those final black tomorrow and start quilting again.

Time Away

Tomorrow, I’m heading for Disney! I’m super-duper excited; Disney is my life! As I was packing today, I got sad that I couldn’t bring my quilt so that I could save some room in my suitcase. Not to mention I can’t sew on the plane! That’s a complete waste of valuable sewing time!!

Anyway, I then realized that I didn’t have to go a week without sewing!

I got an old cigar box and turned it into a mini-sewing kit. Now I have something to do at night to wind down (that’s my kind of vacation!). I hope the cigar smell doesn’t rub off on the fabric though…

I packed a little pile of my blue and orange hexies, thread, needles (I spent a lot of time on that needle-book *snicker*), and a seam ripper to act as scissors. Hopefully I can sneak down an cut a few more hexies before the plane takes off.

I still wish I could sew on the plane…

{Quilt Progress}

Its official: I have no life. Last night I was perfectly content to sit and finish quilting my Orange Quilt! Yep, that’s what I do on my Friday nights. YOLO! Of course, my hottie Zak Bagans kept me company! What more could a girl ask for, ghosts and quilts! I digress.

This is techically not a full finish; I still have to rip-out some quilting in a number of blocks.

I cannot wait for this quilt to be done! It is destined to be banished into the car to cover up with for these cold winter mornings. Hopefully it will make the mornings more bearable!

As I said earlier, I have some stitches to rip out. Thirteen blocks worth…. Ick. It honestly didn’t seem like I had that much to rip out when it was sitting in my lap! I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing this weekend…

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Dancing Shoes??

I spent an hour today doing some more hand quilting on the Orange Quilt. No new pictures; everything looks the exact same. Im definitely making progress but I’m too afraid to do the math after last time!

*Warning: Crappy phone pictures on their way!

I also spent some time in my local quilt shop just browsing over their selection for next year’s 4-H Project. I sort of found 2 options. This one I have been looking at for awhile now and I really like it.

This is California Girl by Fig Tree Quilts.

Right next to California Girl was this collection of pretty, soft, and traditional fabrics. They kind of remind me of Butterfly Path, so I’m really drawn to them. I have no clue what this Mystery Collection is!

This quilt will be judged in the beginning of June and possibly through August. I need fabric that won’t go out of style and isn’t seasonally based. With that being said, what do you think? Should I go with California Girl, the Mystery Collection, or should I keep looking??

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{Quilting Progress}

Happy Election Day! This is one of the first presidential elections that I have actually gotten involved in. With that being said, I’m sitting on the couch watching CNN broadcasting the results as they come in.

This is so exciting! The 2012 Election is one of the closest elections since 1936!!

Official WIPs Stats:
Blocks Left: 15
Total Blocks: 34
(Rip-Outs: 13)
Percent Done: 55.8%
(Percent Done After Rip-Outs: 20.5%)
….. Ouch ….. Numbers hurt ….. I though I had a lot more done. *sad face*


P.S.- See here for the tale of the missing thread….

Its an Early {BQF} Voting Day!

If politics aren’t your thing, stop on over to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and vote on quilts! Now that’s my style!
So nominations are up and *insert sad face here* I didn’t get any nominations. But I wont hold any grudges. Every quilt nominated is absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to stop by and support all the beautiful quilts, I did!
After weeks of being MIA, my blue thread that I was quilting my Orange Quilt with finally turned up. Apparently, my devil kitten Lady Marie batted it under my trashcan. I cannot leave anything on my sewing table or it will turn up missing! Lady Marie has the sewing bug too!
I can now commence my hand quilting! I got a new, special quilting needle and everything is going a lot smoother…er, straighter.

I’m making a lot of progress. I think I’m over half done but I haven’t done any official counting. I also have to rip out a bunch of stitches… Maybe I’ll be done by January?!?

I laugh whenever I think that this was originally for an acquaintance and I was planning on giving her this quilt in the beginning of September… A little off deadline, dont’cha think?
So this quilt is this week’s project…And maybe I’ll work on my hexies again, which I haven’t touched in a couple weeks. When did all these WIPs pile up??

So what is this week’s project for you?

Waltz With Me??

For probably two months now, I have gone back and forth with myself deciding on what quilt I should make for this upcoming 4-H year. As I’ve mentioned before I am planning on taking You Can Quilt! and also the Quilting Self-Determined (QSD). QSD gives us quilters free rein of what we make and how we make it and with that freedom comes enormous competition! I don’t know if I’m aiming a bit too high but my goal is to get the Clock Trophy/ First Place in the next 4 years (what I have remaining in 4-H).

I’m about 95% sure that I’ve picked out my quilt project for QSD 2013. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go more complex to show talent or simpler to show skill. I ended up deciding on the former. So what am I going to make, you ask? A Tennessee Waltz Quilt!

20121103-092838.jpg (from here)
This is a traditional pattern originating in 1844. Originally the Tennessee Waltz was called “54-40 or Fight” after a campaign slogan from the future President Polk.

20121103-093519.jpg(from here)
As you can see, there are two variations. I have yet to decide which one I’m going to do but I’m leaning towards the rounded variation.
After looking through Google Images, this pattern needs some modernization! Don’t get me wrong, all the quilts are lovely, they’re just not my style. I want my quilt to have a vintage-y feel with light yellows, reds, and blues. Something like the Home Front collection by Jenni Calo.

20121103-094059.jpg (from here)
I’m really excited for this and I’m crossing my fingers that I can pick out my fabrics before the end of the month. Judging is not until June but I want to give myself loads of time to make this baby.


These past couple of day I have been stalking- err, I mean following Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival. OMiGosh! There are over 600 (628 to be exact) amazing, magnificent, gorgeous, perfect, all around beautiful quilts entered! Six Hundred!! And to think, mine is just one of those…

There she is, #388 Butterfly Path.

Nominations began today and will last until Sunday (Nov. 4th). Everyone gets one vote, even if you didn’t enter a quilt. To vote, all you have to do is click on the star above the quilt you like. Careful, no going back once you’ve voted! After the nominations are made, Miss Amy will announce the top five quilts in each category.

So, my dear friends, if you have a moment to spare, hop on over to Amy’s and support #388 Inès @ Thready Bear! (Does that make me seem desperate? I’m just doing it for the fun of it but, hey, I’m a competitive person!)