Waltz With Me??

For probably two months now, I have gone back and forth with myself deciding on what quilt I should make for this upcoming 4-H year. As I’ve mentioned before I am planning on taking You Can Quilt! and also the Quilting Self-Determined (QSD). QSD gives us quilters free rein of what we make and how we make it and with that freedom comes enormous competition! I don’t know if I’m aiming a bit too high but my goal is to get the Clock Trophy/ First Place in the next 4 years (what I have remaining in 4-H).

I’m about 95% sure that I’ve picked out my quilt project for QSD 2013. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go more complex to show talent or simpler to show skill. I ended up deciding on the former. So what am I going to make, you ask? A Tennessee Waltz Quilt!

20121103-092838.jpg (from here)
This is a traditional pattern originating in 1844. Originally the Tennessee Waltz was called “54-40 or Fight” after a campaign slogan from the future President Polk.

20121103-093519.jpg(from here)
As you can see, there are two variations. I have yet to decide which one I’m going to do but I’m leaning towards the rounded variation.
After looking through Google Images, this pattern needs some modernization! Don’t get me wrong, all the quilts are lovely, they’re just not my style. I want my quilt to have a vintage-y feel with light yellows, reds, and blues. Something like the Home Front collection by Jenni Calo.

20121103-094059.jpg (from here)
I’m really excited for this and I’m crossing my fingers that I can pick out my fabrics before the end of the month. Judging is not until June but I want to give myself loads of time to make this baby.


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