{Quilting Progress}

Happy Election Day! This is one of the first presidential elections that I have actually gotten involved in. With that being said, I’m sitting on the couch watching CNN broadcasting the results as they come in.

This is so exciting! The 2012 Election is one of the closest elections since 1936!!

Official WIPs Stats:
Blocks Left: 15
Total Blocks: 34
(Rip-Outs: 13)
Percent Done: 55.8%
(Percent Done After Rip-Outs: 20.5%)
….. Ouch ….. Numbers hurt ….. I though I had a lot more done. *sad face*


P.S.- See here for the tale of the missing thread….


One thought on “{Quilting Progress}

  1. I like your stats, especially the “Rip-Out” one. It’s so nice to see that other people have the same problem. Keep going. You’re doing great.

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