And There She Sat Binding….

Wow, can you say long time, no post? Almost a month, yikes! Sorry about that… If its any consolation, I have had no sewing time! Hopefully this next week will reap plenty of sewing time.
So lets go back in time….
So Saturday, December 1st, I finally, finally, finally finished quilting the Orange Quilt!! I promptly started on the binding and got about half a side. And that’s where we are now…

As of now, I have one side fully done and half of another side. I really like binding, but I can’t sit and do it for long. (I have the attention span of a Cheerio.) I’m in no rush though…now that I’ve passed my deadline…

I honestly was not crazy about how the quilt was looking, but the binding is really tying everything together! I’m so excited to finish this bad boy up!!

I think that I’ll add ties in the center of the green and yellow/orange blocks. I’m worried that there’s just too much room in between the quilted blocks… I don’t need a batting disaster! Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, tying would break up the monotony of binding, even if it does prolong the finish…


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