A Finish for Friday

It’s such a dreary day up here but all’s well because I finally finished the Orange Quilt!!

I decided to call this “Bright n’ Gay” because it is the Christmas season and, honestly, I can’t do much brighter!
Bright n’ Gay finishes at around 49″ square… Maybe… Anyway I used a quilting cotton (that I have no clue what it is or who its by) on the front and on the back is a nice, comfy flannel. It is a simple patchwork.

He is bound in the same green as on the front. The binding really ties everything in and I couldn’t be happier.

This was the first quilt hat I hand-quilted. Needless to say, there are many mistakes. I like to live by the philosophy that if you can’t see it galloping by on a horse, than its just fine. Works for me!

Guess who I saw while freezing my butt off to deliver these fabulous photos?

I think Mr. Cardinal likes it!

I’m so glad this project is done; It was supposed to be a “quick” project I started back in September! O well, I’m glad I get to finally snuggle with him.


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December Finishes


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