Bucket-List 2013

I want to make this a fabulous quilting year! My goal: 7

#1- Tennessee Waltz Quilt

For 4-H’s Quilting Self-Determined… Make it modern and win big! If it turns out good (let’s cross our fingers) I may put it in the County Fair.
Due: Beginning of June

#2- UnKnown Mini

For 4-H’s You Can Quilt! Most likely a rail fence or alternating 4-patch.
Due: Beginning of June

#3- Strike Out! X2

For my at-the-moment-Best Friend (unfortunately I flop between besties) and my Grandpa. This will be my first try at appliqué. You can buy the pattern here.
Due: End of May, Christmas Time

#4- Farmer’s Wife

For me!! I’ve been drooling over all the fabulous samplers on the internet, and gosh darn it I have to make one too!
Due: End of Year

#5- A Quilt Along
I want to do a quilt along as its actually going along. So, if you hear of any or are hosting one yourself, give me a little ring!

That’s all for specific quilts that I need to make this year. This list is not conclusive; I would be more than happy to make a few that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!
As you can see, I’m very near to my goal of seven quilts this year. With this all mapped out, I realized the first 6 months are going to be CRAZY trying to reach all the deadlines…unfortunately none of the deadlines can be extended. Let’s make this a wonderful, stitchy year anyway!

What are on your 2013 Buckt-Lists?


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