{Work in Progress}

For the past week, I set aside piecing and focused on my Cross Stitched label.

I last left you in suspense with my mistake. I’ll let you know it has been corrected and I’ll reveal my finished label on Friday…. the suspense!!

If this week wants to slow down some, I’ll start working on my quilt top again. I am ready to start making the star points and I am a little hesitant. Its my first time with the triangles and everything needs to go perfect!

As we speak, my pieces are nestled warm in their coffee filters (I figured out they make great piece dividers) under the protection of my 12×12 ruler. Call him my knight in shining armor! Why, you may ask, is my ruler protecting my pieces? Because my sweet little kitten is actually a Holy Terror.

I can just imagine Four-Patches everywhere… How to scare a quilter, that’s for sure!
What are you working on this week??

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One thought on “{Work in Progress}

  1. I know just what you mean about cats! I use my rulers in a similar way, because if I don’t, I’m likely to find a cat sleeping on my latest quilt in progress. Good luck with your star points!

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