WIP Wednesday

Finally, I was able to find freezer paper! And boy do I have plenty of it now…

150 square feet to be exact! I’m set for life.

Once my week clears up more, I’ll start on my Strike Out!quilt. As I said before this is my first time with appliqué and I am a little nervous. I have read through numerous tutorials and it seems easy enough, so cross your fingers! And stay tuned!!

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FNSI Wrap Up

Last night was nice! I sewed for about three hours and I got quite a bit done.

I sewed together all the star points that I had ready. I only had half of what I needed because of the pattern… I think. It might have been because of me…

Anywho, After I had finished my star points, I put together my first block!

It was a lot of lining up to do and that’s something that I hate to do; I don’t have the patience. I have to make 18 blocks total, so I’m thinking that I’ll space them out so that it doesn’t get as frustrating.

I love how its turning out!!!

For the top, I still have to 1.) finish the start points, 2.) make the snowball blocks, 3.) finish all the star blocks, 4.) and finally put the top together….. *sigh* I thought I had so much more done.

What do you think? And how did your sew-in go?

Are Ready For This?

Tonight is the monthly Friday Night Sew-In. This is my first time but, hey, I’m ready!
FNSI is a real simple concept: join the linky prior, have a wild and crazy Friday night at your sewing machine, and on Saturday, share what you got accomplished!

What am I going to be working on? Piecing some star points!

Hopefully, I’ll finish them tonight!! If by some miracle that happens, I’ll then square them up, and piece the stars…. O I’m so excited!!! *insert squeal of happiness*

So, are you ready for this???

{Works in Progress}

My days finally began to slow down so I finally got to sit back down in front of my sewing machine! I started piecing the star points and for whatever reason, they really intimidated me. Now that I started them, I actually like them!

I only got 23 halfway done. Its not a lot but, hey, its a start! As a side note, it already looks like I’ll have to cut more star points… I hate when patterns aren’t right! (It seems like every pattern I use is wrong; maybe its me??)

I was planning on starting my Strike Out! quilt tonight but I forgot to get freezer paper at the store, so it got pushed onto the back burner.

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Busy Bees Make No Honey

I’ve been so busy lately… I know my fabric is getting lonesome… Here’s how the gang has spent the last 2+ weeks.

Crammed into a tiny storage container… They are too beautiful to be living like that.

I’ve had a lot looming over me lately. For example, a very important report. Do I want to work on it? Heck no! Would I rather be quilting? You betcha! But, you see, I have a very guilty conscience and had I indulged my time in pleasurable activities, I would have felt guilty about not working on the a fore mentioned report.
So what did I end up doing? Pinterest. Very productive, I know.

And to top it all off, I realized my Strike Out! quilt needs to be done in 60 some days…. I guess I should bump it up on my to-do list since I’ve done squat with the fabric thus far.

Ok. I’m done.

Tennessee Waltz

Tennessee Waltz

I was dancin’ with my darlin’
To the Tennessee Waltz
When an old friend
I happened to see
I introduced him to my darlin’
And while they were dancin’
My friend stole
My sweetheart from me

I remember the night
Of the Tennessee Waltz
Now I know just
How much I have lost
Yes, I lost my little darlin’
The night they were playin’
The beautiful Tennessee Waltz.

Don’tcha think Kelly Clarkson sang it beautifully at the Grammies?? That was the first time heard the poem in song and now I completely understand how it came to be a quilt pattern!

Label Like Whoa, part II

I hope I didn’t keep you in “suspense” for too long, but—-
*insert drumroll*

“I was waltzing with my darlin’…”
Tennessee Waltz Quilt 4-H

I finished my label! I am very pleased with how it turned out. That quote is the opening line to a poem titled “Tennessee Waltz” by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King. The poem is absolutely beautiful and sad…. I wish I could have put the whole thing on the label!

It is cross stitched with what I dubbed the Pull-Out method. I basted a cross stitch canvas over a quilting cotton then stitched like I normally do.

When the stitching was completed, I cut the canvas into small-ish sections (careful not to cut the stitches) and then pulled out the canvas. Hence the name. I learned that using eyebrow tweezers really saved my finger tips.

I had to be really careful; if I pulled the canvas in any way but straight out, I risked distorting the stitches. My only complaint is that the stitches are loose and I’m scared they’ll get messed up once they go through the wash.

I think this is a darling way to do a label and will definitely use it on my other projects!

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