Label Like Whoa, part II

I hope I didn’t keep you in “suspense” for too long, but—-
*insert drumroll*

“I was waltzing with my darlin’…”
Tennessee Waltz Quilt 4-H

I finished my label! I am very pleased with how it turned out. That quote is the opening line to a poem titled “Tennessee Waltz” by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King. The poem is absolutely beautiful and sad…. I wish I could have put the whole thing on the label!

It is cross stitched with what I dubbed the Pull-Out method. I basted a cross stitch canvas over a quilting cotton then stitched like I normally do.

When the stitching was completed, I cut the canvas into small-ish sections (careful not to cut the stitches) and then pulled out the canvas. Hence the name. I learned that using eyebrow tweezers really saved my finger tips.

I had to be really careful; if I pulled the canvas in any way but straight out, I risked distorting the stitches. My only complaint is that the stitches are loose and I’m scared they’ll get messed up once they go through the wash.

I think this is a darling way to do a label and will definitely use it on my other projects!

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4 thoughts on “Label Like Whoa, part II

  1. Wow! what a great idea!

    I would consider starching and pressing the stitching rather aggressively before putting the quilt in the washer.

    Normally I’d be worried that pressing too hard might flatten the stitches too much…

    But, then, I’m a weaver, so if I was really worried, I’d do a sample and test the finishing techniques on the sample first.

    Good luck!

  2. i have used waste canvas -sold specially for cross stitching on fabric. It is like aida, but kind of glued together – you damp it before removing it and it pulls out much more easily. I used it on a tee shirt and wore and washed it many times. The stitching is looser but it was never a problem.
    Hope this helps

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