Busy Bees Make No Honey

I’ve been so busy lately… I know my fabric is getting lonesome… Here’s how the gang has spent the last 2+ weeks.

Crammed into a tiny storage container… They are too beautiful to be living like that.

I’ve had a lot looming over me lately. For example, a very important report. Do I want to work on it? Heck no! Would I rather be quilting? You betcha! But, you see, I have a very guilty conscience and had I indulged my time in pleasurable activities, I would have felt guilty about not working on the a fore mentioned report.
So what did I end up doing? Pinterest. Very productive, I know.

And to top it all off, I realized my Strike Out! quilt needs to be done in 60 some days…. I guess I should bump it up on my to-do list since I’ve done squat with the fabric thus far.

Ok. I’m done.


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