{Quilting Progress}

I began quilting Strike Out! last night while watching Bates Motel (creepy but good so far).

I only have the finger holes outlined and about a fourth of the ball done. It’ll be slow going since at times I’ll be going through five layers of fabric! Oh, and by the way, I decided to use batting and I can tell it’ll be nice and fluffy! Yay!!

Wish me luck!!


Friday Finish

I finished my Strike Out! top this week!
I LOVE how it looks!! I really like how the golden strip just makes everything PoP.
What do you guys think?

Hopefully I’ll baste it tonight and I’ll cross my fingers that I can start quilting too. I’m still trying to decide if I want to use batting or not (since I’m using minky on the back.). I’m leaning towards using the batting since I like loftiness…and the warmth is always a plus!
Does anyone have suggestions, tips, or preferences when quilting with minky?

{Work in Progress}

We had gorgeous weather over the weekend, so here was my set-up:

It was amazing!!

I got a lot done too! I was able to put the finger holes on the ball, but I unfortunately don’t have an individual picture. Anyway, I was able to put the bowling pin on completely and that’s where I left off for the weekend.

Currently, the quilt top is crumpled up nicely folded in my basket with the bowling ball pinned on and half appliquéd on. Hopefully, I’ll finish the top by Friday….

Mini Win

As I predicted, I didn’t get to work on my Strike Out! quilt much this week, but I was able to pull it out for maybe an hour and do some embroidery.

On the bottom of the bowling ball, I embroidered the name “José” for the recipient of the quilt. I used my own hand writing as the script and three strands of a true red embroidery floss that I had on hand.

I’m very happy with how it turned out as this was my first try at real embroidery. I notice a few mistakes, like uneven stitch lengths and some areas not being totally straight, but I once read this philosophy and have tried to stay true to it.
If you can’t see the mistake if its galloping by on a horse, then you’re OK.
I can’t remember where I first saw it, but I like it! Anyway, what do you guys think?

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to at least get the finger holes on the ball.

{Work in Progress}

This week, I decided to put aside my Tennessee Waltz and decided to start on my Strike Out! quilt. Yesterday, I made all my freezer paper templates. Today, I cut all my fabric and did a whole lotta ironing… and starching…and finger burning…

Over all, I got a lot done!

I decided to leave almost all the templates in, just because I don’t know the next time I’ll pull it back out. I’ll also have to re-iron afterwards, and frankly, I’m ironed out for tonight!

I’m loving the process and how its turning out!

What do you think??