Star Block Finishes

My quilting area looks like a tornado hit it after this week… And it will probably stay like that for awhile!

(It may not look bad but its really bad to me!)
The reason it is such a mess is because I started working on my Tennessee Waltz quilt again and have put together a number of star blocks. Tennessee Waltz needs to be done for July 10, and at the beginning of this week I had exactly one out of 18 star blocks together. So que Rocky theme song, its crunch time!
My goal is at least one block a day. That will take me over 2 weeks to finish all the blocks.
Here’s what I have so far:



(Shhh! Don’t tell but the last one is my favorite!)
I now have four blocks completed! That’s 22%…. Why does everything sound so bad in percentage form??


-Linking up to Finish It Up Friday


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