Party Like a Block Star

Friday night, I sat myself in front of the sewing machine (and TV- I multitask) for about five hours non stop. With that being said, I finished all 18 star blocks!









*Sorry for all the pictures!

I was not planning on finishing all my blocks that night but once I realized I only had 2 blocks to go, I couldn’t stop! The lights to my sewing room went off around 11:30, so I was working late. I have to say 18 blocks in about 10 days is not bad at all.

Next up, I have to make my snowball blocks. I have 17 to make but I’m predicting that wont take to long. …But you know how that goes….

See my other star blocks here, here, and here.


6 thoughts on “Party Like a Block Star

  1. Most excellent! Did you use the FromMarti Long & Spikey templates to cut your pieces? I have just purchased the templates to create this very block. Your pretty efforts inspire me to get going.

  2. beautiful blocks . . then again i’m pretty partial to stars! 🙂 . .seeing as how we are currently living in tennessee . .i just might have to try this pattern!

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