A Quilting Finish!!

I feel so accomplished!! Yesterday, I finally finished the quilting on the Strike Out! quilt!!

In no way is it anywhere near show quality but it is definitely stitched with love and that’s what’s most important. This is the very first quilt that I have ever hand-quilted all over the top. If I say I didn’t enjoy it, I’d be lying!

And now for some bad news: my sewing machine is not working again. This is the umpteenth time this has happened and I cannot think of a reason why…everything is as it was!! I wish I could be like everyone else in Blogland and be in love with my machine, but I hate it! I wish that I could have the funds to buy another, but after brief window shopping, I don’t and I probably won’t for a couple years. And the worst part is the timing! I still need to finish piecing the Tennessee Waltz quilt and I haven’t even started on my second 4-H mini quilt… Both of which need to be show ready for July 10. See why I’m freaking out??
Is that a bright light I see? Sweet Serendipity stepped in and I found a give-away for a new sewing machine (I’d give you details but I’m not gonna hurt my chances of winning!). I entered and now its up to fate. I’ll try not to get my hopes up but, like I always say, someone’s gotta win it… I’ll be waiting with baited breaths until the drawing, which is at the end of the month. Until then, I’ll try to borrow a machine from a friend.

Enough with this icky stuff!! Here’s one final picture to send you on your way:



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