Donkey-ing Around

Last night, I was able to finish my Donkey Quilt top! I cannot believe how cute she is!! What do you think?

I tried to make her as scrappy looking as possible, sometimes having the same prints next to each other. The floral prints are all from the Honey Honey line by Kate Spain (LOVE!!) and the marble gray is from StoneHenge by Linda Ludovico.

Now, I have to start on the pieced back. It will be a alternating four patch, small in comparison to the pattern on top. You can find the donkey pattern here.

And here’s a couple more pretty pictures, just for fun:


And finally, a flower for our soldiers that never came home. May freedom ring, America. Happy Memorial Day.



7 thoughts on “Donkey-ing Around

  1. That turned out super cute. Love the colors (honey, honey is a fave of mine, too) and I love how you created the mosaic tile/scrappy fabric look. Fantastic! Look forward to seeing it all completed.

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