Whoop Whoop!!

On Wednesday, I finally had my local 4-H judging for You Can Quilt!. I wasn’t crazy about the judge; I sort of question her judging style. I felt she didn’t look at the construction as much as she should have, but that’s just me. But, she must have liked Stretch and I because we got State Rep (First Place)!!

We got a score of 48 out of 50. She docked one point for not knowing what a bias is and another because she felt the Honey Honey distracted from the Donkey. I disagree and so does my local quilt shop. What do you think??


3 thoughts on “Whoop Whoop!!

  1. So cute! I love it! It’s darling! I like Honey Honey, It took me a couple seconds to recognize the difference between the blanket and the background so I can get her point, BUT I love it! I wouldnt have said change it even in retro spect!

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