“Rug”ged Finish

So this mess of a WIP has been sitting on my wine rack for the past two weeks. It was supposed to be a potholder to practice mitered corners for my 4-H project but it just didn’t get done for county judging (though it didn’t matter!). I figured thought that it should be done for State so I sat down and got it done.

I think it came out really cute! I used a scrap piece of that awesome floral out of (you guessed it) Honey Honey. It was bound in the same thing. I used the machine to machine quilt a little asterisk, which makes the center really fun to move around!

As I said earlier, it was,an exercise of mitered corners and everything went easy peesey until the very last one (top left hand corner) and that one just had issues. O well, its practice so it shouldn’t be perfect!

I’m super excited because Sunday (July 28) I’ll pack up and head to the State Fair! I hope Stretch and I do well… Wish us luck and I’ll definitely let you all know how we do!


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