I Plead Quilty…

…to starting another WIP. In the next couple days I’ll be spending a ton of time in the car as passenger so I needed a nice hand project, and as soon as I heard about the Double Wedding Ring Challenge I knew what I was gonna do. I am English Paper Piecing a DWR!!

I am only using three fabrics, two of which are a gold metallic, and the third (which is not shown) is a silver metallic. The idea in my head is really cool so I’m hoping it’ll play out perfect!

I have never EPP’ed before but I’m diving right in! I bought this cute little pencil case then decorated it with the uber cute circus stickers (which I bought both for a total of $2.40!) to hold my supplies. It’s cute but now the question is whether it works or not!

In my little kit I have my 2-1/2″ squares of fabric, my templates, needles, thread, paper clips (for basting help) and post-its.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my newest WIP… I’m hoping for a finish post in a week!!!


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