DWR Progress

I’ve been working like crazy trying to finish up the Double Wedding Ring. For a while there I didn’t think I would finish it, but I’m confident that I will have it done for Thursday.

I finished appliqué-ing the diamonds and started right in on quilting. ( Yes, I did break in and buy a hoop!)

I went with the cross hatching because I thought the straight lines would compliment the curves of the Rings. I’m loving how its turning out!

I know its not right but I love the look and texture of big stitches. What do you think?

My timeline is to have the binding done by Wednesday night. That means I’ll have to finish the outer rings like now! Better go quilt!


13 thoughts on “DWR Progress

  1. Lovely quilting! I think that the “right” way to do anything is the way that gives you the results you like best. You’re definitely quilting your DWR right!

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