Not So Fugly Fabric Up For Grabs!


Some people are just smart… Like Lucy at Charm About and her Fugly Fabric Party! Now there’s a loving place to send your fugly or unwanted fabric.

Ok, who wants to swap with me? Up for grabs I have quite a bit of Joyful Harvest left over.

This fabric is in no way fugly, its just not me and I will never use it. Why not give it to some one who will?

You can swap for all or just pieces. This is a recent collection that has the perfect amount of metallic in it. Any takers yet?

These are scraps but they are very generous cuts! I can see a lovely fall HST table runner in its future. Those strips of leaves are already (semi) fussy cut.

As I said, I would ideally swap but I’ll also send it to anyone who will just pay postage. How good of a saleswoman was I? Let me know if you’re interested!

PS- I love low volume and 30s prints…and soft florals… That’s my ideal swap!


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