Ring Ring Ring

Hello, you’ve reached the blog of Inès at Thready Bear Quilts! She is unable to answer your call right now because she’s over at Freshly Pieced guest hosting for WIP Wednesday!! Go, shoo, check it out!

If you’re here from WIP Wednesday, welcome and thanks for stopping by! It means so much to me! I ask you to stay a while and sift through my humble adventures. If you like what you see, follow me by email, or instagram (@threadybear or #threadybearquilts). When you’re done, answer my little “survey”:

Do you press your seams open or to the dark side?



8 thoughts on “Ring Ring Ring

  1. I mostly press to the dark side, but when there are lots of seems and small pieces, open pressing does make it lay flatter. So in that case I press open. It always depends on the quilt.

  2. I just hopped over from WIP Wednesday to say hello. I’m with you on pressing. I was taught to press to the dark side, but sometimes pressing open works better. When I teach piecing, I encourage students to do what works best for them.

  3. Pressing to the dark side helps with nesting and matching seams for me. If there isn’t any nesting or matching, I like to press open. Pressing seams open helps the pieced blocks to lay flatter, look neater on the underside, and are easier to quilt.

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