Spunday: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the first ever Spunday! Let’s get started!

The past few days I’ve spent spinning up some of my practice roving. There is definitely an improvement from my first try!

That bobbin is waiting on the Lazy Kate, waiting for his lover on the wheel. These star crossed lovers are destined to be my first plied yarn…. Lucky them!

I’m kind of getting over the color way so I’m anxious to start working with some undyed Shetland, which will hopefully happen by next week’s Spunday!

So now its your turn! What’s on your wheel?

Remember the party continues on Instagram #spundays and @threadybear!
Keep spreading the word!!

And because civilization would collapse without rules, here are the Spunday Laws:
1.) Link up to any specific post dealing with anything homespun.
2.) Somewhere in your post please link back to my blog.
3.) Try to comment on one other link to spread the love!

P.S. Because this is the inaugural Spunday, let me know in the comments any comments, questions, or concerns and anything you’d like to see on upcoming Spundays. Please be brutally honest; I want to make Spundays the best they can be!


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