Spunday: The Emphasis on Uni

Happy Spunday!

I’m excited to say I finished my first bobbin of singles in my Unicorn alpaca.

I’m disappointed in how this is turning out (which is why the bobbin is not full). It is not even at all and I don’t think that I chose the right way to blend the colors. I’m hoping the second singles will bring life to each other and that the finished project is something to be proud of…and something cute because I really love the colorway.

I have a feeling this upcoming week will be a hard drag. Hopefully there will be time for spinning and if I’m lucky I’ll have another finished singles for next week! If I’m really lucky I’ll have a finished skein!

So now its your turn! What’s on your wheel?

Remember the party continues on Instagram #spundays and @threadybear!
Keep spreading the word!!

And because civilization would collapse without rules, here are the Spunday Laws:
1.) Link up to any specific post dealing with anything homespun.
2.) Somewhere in your post please link back to my blog.
3.) Try to comment on one other link to spread the love!


One thought on “Spunday: The Emphasis on Uni

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