WIP Wednesday

Happy Humpday!


I am very excited to say that my farm is slowly but surely growing! I have 5 chickens and 4 cows that just need some appliqué to add some pizzazz.

Up next is sheep, which I have four already cut. I am so excited to make sheep. *sigh* I love sheep!

After the sheep are done, I will be making some pigs because no farm is complete without some oinkers. I think the pig will be the last of the animals and the rest of the space will be pin-wheels, etc.

I have officially set my goal to have the top done by Easter, so about 2 months. I should have plenty of time… Right?


I have been making so great headway on my Ribbed Beanie; I only have about 5 cm until I can start decreasing!

Hopefully I’ll finish in the next week.


Another Barn Has Risen

I’m excited to say that this week is looking productive as well!

I was able to finish Lori Holt’s Quilty Barn and Furrow block for my 30s Farm Quilt.

This block wouldn’t have taken so long if it hadn’t been for the flying geese. It was one corner that just wouldn’t behave; I spent 2 hours working on it and that was just during one sitting. I ended up getting it to behave a little better but its not as good as I would like. I hate flying geese. Remind me to avoid them at all costs.

For the quilt, I’m planning on doing a medallion type design. The center will actually be three large blocks; this is the final center block. The general layout will be something like this (please ignore the shadows!):

The bare spaces will be filled with farm-y stuff. That’s where you guys come in! What kind of animals would you see on a farm? (Ones that can be pieced into 5-6″ blocks.). My list includes cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs… Any ideas?

I’m so excited to see how this turns out!

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State Fair Recap

I kinda hate to write about this because it still rustles my feathers but here we go…

Yesterday was Quilt Day at the State Fair. I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent my county in You Can Quilt!.
After a three hour drive, I arrived at the Fair and I got judged pretty much right away. The judge was a very nice lady by the name of Pat (I believe) and she gave Stretch and me very nice comments.
“The squares are lined up very well.”
“The quilt is square.”
“Your quilting is great considering you didn’t use a hoop.”
Her only constructive criticism was that my stitches were too large, which I knew that. (Don’t go to see Amish quilts before a show; they really make you think twice about your work!)

At State, they give out two types of awards. The first is the Clock Trophy, essentially first place. The second type is an Outstanding of the Day, the Top 20% judged. They awarded four girls in my category. I was not one of them.

I am a good sport, so I didn’t get mad until I received my score sheet back. Excellents all across the board. The only thing I can think that knocked me down was my pattern. For You Can Quilt! you receive a project book with a pattern for an alternating four patch or a rail fence. Obviously I didn’t do either. I knew making Stretch was a risk but no where in the book does it say you must make the patterns given; in fact there was one question that asked if you did the book’s pattern or your own.

I think to make the State Fair’s Quilt Day much fairer, they should make categories much like they do in real Quilt Shows. It is not fair for some one who tied their quilt to be put up against some one who hand quilted theirs. It just isn’t fair.

Another thing I question is how there can be a Top 20% when we are scored by Excellent, Good, Fair, etc. If there is a higher scoring system, shouldn’t the exhibitor be allowed to see it to make improvements?
Do you guys agree?

(Please don’t take my rant meaning I think that I should have won and everyone who did didn’t deserve it. I do question it but I am sure everyone who placed deserved it!)

What’s next for Stretch? Well, he won’t be taking his rightful place on my wall just yet. I have two more real shows to put him in (and of course the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!). After that, he should be able to go into retirement…Maybe!

Whoop Whoop!!

On Wednesday, I finally had my local 4-H judging for You Can Quilt!. I wasn’t crazy about the judge; I sort of question her judging style. I felt she didn’t look at the construction as much as she should have, but that’s just me. But, she must have liked Stretch and I because we got State Rep (First Place)!!

We got a score of 48 out of 50. She docked one point for not knowing what a bias is and another because she felt the Honey Honey distracted from the Donkey. I disagree and so does my local quilt shop. What do you think??

Mist of a Donkey Mind

Meet Mist of a Donkey Mind!

Mist of a Donkey Mind is a wall hanging that was made using an old pattern called the Democratic Donkey. Since politics aren’t really my thing, I made it for cuteness’ sake. MDM is destined to win show at my county level 4-H and hopefully from there, the State Fair.

I loved making this quilt. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been any hic-cups. In fact, the donkey is about four inches taller than he should be (and that’s why I call him Stretch). There were also some issues with the HSTs and running out of fabric… Yeah, there’s been a number of issues. I guess that shows how much I love this mini though!

Mist of a Donkey Mind was pieced with 273 two-inch squares. There are 32 half square triangles. (Please don’t quote me on the numbers!). MDM is minimally hand-quilted using a light pink thread; I wanted the fabrics to be the focus, not the quilting. I first outlined Stretch and his saddle pad and then hand quilted diagonally from left to right, every other square.

Mist of a Donkey Mind was made using various fabrics from the collection Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda. MDM is backed in a large floral print from Honey Honey and has a scrappy happy binding using the familiar fabrics of the same collection.

Instead of a sleeve, I used fabrics in the top corners to hold the wall hanging to the wall. On one corner is the label. It is very simple; it reads my name, 2013 , and 4-H.

Mist of a Donkey Mind Official Stats:
Name: Mist of a Donkey Mind
Size: 26″ x 24″
Fabrics:. Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda
Techniques Used: piecing, hand-quilting

(What better place for a donkey than old farm equipment??)

See the adventures into the Mist of a Donkey Mind!

PS- If anyone was wondering where the name came from, its a poem titled “The Ass” by C.S. Lewis.

The Quilting…

…is DONE!! It actually wasn’t that long of a haul and I really enjoyed it. I love hand-quilting!

I quilted it by first outlining the donkey and his/her saddle pad. I then went diagonally across every other square.

The quilting is practically invisible, but that’s how I planned it. I wanted the beautiful fabrics of Honey Honey (and the donkey!) to be the focal point.

I am very happy with how it came out and all I hope is that the 4-H judges like it too!

Next, I’m going to whip up a tiny label. I have a solid 2 weeks before judging. Who would have thought I would have extra time?! (Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon…)

{Quilting Progress}

I’m sorry for my absence the past two weeks, but I promise its for good reason; I went to Europe!

It was a 10 day tour through Paris, Provence, and Barcelona. It was an amazing trip (and opportunity) but I’m glad to be home…and back to the needle! I finished unpacking, so there’s my Friday Finish! (Hey, it counts!)

I was finally able to start quilting, through the progress is slow for now.

I finished the saddle pad’s quilting and I just started on outlining the Donkey. I have 17 days to finish, so its crunch time!


Wind-Blown Backing

I finished the pieced back for my Donkey Quilt the other day. Its a simple alternating four-patch, but I know its very busy with the borders. I think the business makes it fun!

What do you think? Do you think its wonky? I’m worried about that…

I’ll hopefully baste it soon, which shouldn’t take me long. I bought a polyester batting that you iron to baste….hmmm we’ll see how it goes! Th hardest part will be lining the seams up on the front and back. Does anyone have any tricks for that??

Oh, and I’ll square it up later (better late than never!).

{WIP Wednesday}

Its been slow going the past week, so I don’t have much to share. I did start working on my pieced back.

Its a simple alternating four patch in the same Honey Honey fabrics as the front. Its small so I need some yardage to bring it up in size. Hopefully, I’ll get some tonight. I’m planning on getting the large blue-ish floral that’s on the donkeys back on the front.
Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to share sooner rather than later!

Donkey-ing Around

Last night, I was able to finish my Donkey Quilt top! I cannot believe how cute she is!! What do you think?

I tried to make her as scrappy looking as possible, sometimes having the same prints next to each other. The floral prints are all from the Honey Honey line by Kate Spain (LOVE!!) and the marble gray is from StoneHenge by Linda Ludovico.

Now, I have to start on the pieced back. It will be a alternating four patch, small in comparison to the pattern on top. You can find the donkey pattern here.

And here’s a couple more pretty pictures, just for fun:


And finally, a flower for our soldiers that never came home. May freedom ring, America. Happy Memorial Day.