Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Donkey-ing Around

Welcome to all visitors from BQF!! It has been very quiet around here, but please, take a look around!!!

This year, I am entering Donkey-ing Around:


Donkeying-ing Around was completed for my 4-H show in July. The doll baby of a donkey's name is Stretch, lovingly called that because his legs are about 4inches longer than planned. Stretch is made of about 273 2" squares out of Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda. He is minimally hand quilted at a diagonal, every other square.

I absolutely love this quilt! ( And that’s the most important thing.)

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Stats:
Name: Donkey-ing Around
Size: 26″ x 24″
Techniques Used: piecing, hand-quilting
Quilted by: Me (Inès)
Best Category: wall hanging, hand-quilted, quilt photographer

More on Donkey-ing Around can be found here!

All votes are appreciated!! Hop over to Amy’s to check out some more awesome quilts, or stay right here and have a look around!


Show Results II

On Thursday, I dropped Stretch off to be judged for this weekend’s upcoming quilt show. I went to visit him today and was pleased with his placing of Third! We are still in the running for People’s Choice!

The show was a very small one but had great talent. In my category, wall hangings, there were some beautiful quilts. Second place was a tiny feathered star with uber small flying geese and HSTs. First place was a stunning DWR in 30s repo fabrics. Both were gorgeous!

Gold Digger

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S is what I was going for with this mini!

Gold Digger was made in response to the NYC MOD Double Wedding Ring Challenge. It was something I wanted to try for a while so I decided why not??
To create the rings I made my own English Paper Piecing (EPP) templates, using this pattern. This was my first go at EPP and I was pretty pleased with it.

I used three various gold metallics to get the “gold digger” feel, and of course I don’t have selvage with the exact name or anything to go off. I then appliquéd silver metallic “diamonds.” What can I say, I like BLING! After the ring was complete I appliquéd it to my “something blue” background. The background and binding are both Color Weave by P&B Textiles.

The hand quilting was done with a gold metallic Gutterman thread. I crosshatched the insides, trying to offset the curves of the ring. I left the outsides empty. I love the look of my big stitches!

I couldn’t be happier with Gold Digger and I hope to try the DWR again soon!

Gold Digger Official Stats:
Name: Gold Digger
Size: 18″ Square
Fabrics: various metallics, Color Weave by P&B Textiles
Techniques Used: EPP, appliqué, hand-quilting

How to Be a Gold Digger

Finally Free

I really hate deadlines so I don’t know why I do this to myself…. Just in time, I was able to finish my Double Wedding Ring. As we speak, he, along with Stretch, is preparing for judging.

In all honesty, As soon as I was done I dropped it off so I never really laid it flat and looked at it… Probably should have done that…. And I said I wouldn’t do this again! I’ll learn eventually!

Now that the DWR is finished, I want to work on some stress free sewing, some small things that have been peculating in my mind for a bit. You have no idea how excited I am for that!

( I pinky promise to get nice pictures and do a finish post for my lovely little DWR!)

Mist of a Donkey Mind

Meet Mist of a Donkey Mind!

Mist of a Donkey Mind is a wall hanging that was made using an old pattern called the Democratic Donkey. Since politics aren’t really my thing, I made it for cuteness’ sake. MDM is destined to win show at my county level 4-H and hopefully from there, the State Fair.

I loved making this quilt. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been any hic-cups. In fact, the donkey is about four inches taller than he should be (and that’s why I call him Stretch). There were also some issues with the HSTs and running out of fabric… Yeah, there’s been a number of issues. I guess that shows how much I love this mini though!

Mist of a Donkey Mind was pieced with 273 two-inch squares. There are 32 half square triangles. (Please don’t quote me on the numbers!). MDM is minimally hand-quilted using a light pink thread; I wanted the fabrics to be the focus, not the quilting. I first outlined Stretch and his saddle pad and then hand quilted diagonally from left to right, every other square.

Mist of a Donkey Mind was made using various fabrics from the collection Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda. MDM is backed in a large floral print from Honey Honey and has a scrappy happy binding using the familiar fabrics of the same collection.

Instead of a sleeve, I used fabrics in the top corners to hold the wall hanging to the wall. On one corner is the label. It is very simple; it reads my name, 2013 , and 4-H.

Mist of a Donkey Mind Official Stats:
Name: Mist of a Donkey Mind
Size: 26″ x 24″
Fabrics:. Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda
Techniques Used: piecing, hand-quilting

(What better place for a donkey than old farm equipment??)

See the adventures into the Mist of a Donkey Mind!

PS- If anyone was wondering where the name came from, its a poem titled “The Ass” by C.S. Lewis.

Strike Out!

I can officially say Strike Out! is no longer a WIP! In fact, its no longer in my hands.

Strike Out! was made using a pattern by Gigi’s Thimble. This was my first try at appliqué and I love it! The pattern was simple and straightforward; I would recommend it any new appliqué-ers.

Strike Out! has been a WIP for the last five months (January- May). That’s five months of hand appliqué and quilting. The blue space has diagonal lines, the red has scallops, the gray has three straight lines, and the yellow has diagonal lines as well. It is backed with a solid black minky. Embroidered on the bowling ball is the name José, a reference to the friendship between the recipient and myself.

Strike Out! Official Stats
Name: Strike Out!
Size: approx. 38″ x 47″
Fabrics: various off brand solids
Techniques Used: hand quilting, hand appliqué

Strike Out! was made for a member of the High School Class of 2013. The young man/recipient has a bright future ahead of him; he received a four year, full ride scholarship and plans on going to law school after his four years. He loves bowling and, I must say, he is very good.

This is the first quilt that I ever gave away and its bittersweet to see it go. All that work and its gone. I know it will be loved in a college dorm and hopefully for a long time after!

The Strike Out! adventures…

A Finish for Friday

It’s such a dreary day up here but all’s well because I finally finished the Orange Quilt!!

I decided to call this “Bright n’ Gay” because it is the Christmas season and, honestly, I can’t do much brighter!
Bright n’ Gay finishes at around 49″ square… Maybe… Anyway I used a quilting cotton (that I have no clue what it is or who its by) on the front and on the back is a nice, comfy flannel. It is a simple patchwork.

He is bound in the same green as on the front. The binding really ties everything in and I couldn’t be happier.

This was the first quilt hat I hand-quilted. Needless to say, there are many mistakes. I like to live by the philosophy that if you can’t see it galloping by on a horse, than its just fine. Works for me!

Guess who I saw while freezing my butt off to deliver these fabulous photos?

I think Mr. Cardinal likes it!

I’m so glad this project is done; It was supposed to be a “quick” project I started back in September! O well, I’m glad I get to finally snuggle with him.


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December Finishes

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

So, for the heck of it I decided to enter Butterfly Path into this fall’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival! Here we go…..!


Welcome all ye Festival goers! I present to you Butterfly Path!
I started this quilt in June 2012 to put in my county fair’s quilt show. We won the creativity award! Anyway, she was made using the collection Papillion by 3 Sisters for Moda. She is quilted stitch in the ditch style (BTW, this is my very first quilted that was actually “quilted”). She’s my baby.


Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 42″ X 57″
Special techniques used : Chevron pattern w/o triangles
Quilted by : Me (Inès)
Best Category: Throw quilt, Home Machine Quilted quilt, Quilt Photographer


Butterfly Path

Isn’t she pretty?!? I finished this quilt in the beginning of August and put it in my county fair’s Quilt Show. I literally finished it right before it had to get dropped off… Yikes, I’m not cutting it that close ever again!

The fabrics are all from the collection Papillon by 3 Sisters for Moda. This is 100% Butterfly, from the top to the backing to the binding. I used a chevron pattern (and I didn’t have to use any triangles!) by Crazy Mom Quilts.
This is quilted stitch in the ditch style, which you can really see on the back. The only thing I’m not uber crazy about is the binding. Its just not the right shade to me, but I can live with it.

This was a huge milestone for me. It was the very first quilt that I actually “quilted.” I mean, there was no way that I could have tied it with this pattern. I think it turned out pretty well overall!
In the end, the Fair Judges placed me second in the Junior’ Division. Which is pretty good most of the time, except when there are only two people in your category. At least I didn’t get second out of one (and yes, I know someone that that has happened to.) On the plus side, I got the Creativity Award! I really wish I could see my score sheet so that I know what I could improve on, but o well.

*please ignore the icky indoor photos*

You Can Quilt! 2011

This was my very first full quilt! Prior to this, I had only pieced a little Churn Dash block at my Joann’s Quilting 101, which I still lovingly have. I have to give my grandma a ton of credit for helping me with this. We pretty much trucked through the whole top in on full day. I got all the fabrics from a little quilt shop that my grandma goes to called Fabric Crafts by Rosalie. This lady was sooooo sweet and helpful and thanks to her, we realized the pattern in the project book was wrong (which I’m pretty sure I ran into this past year). Her shop is in her home and her poor husband practically lives in a quilt. They’re everywhere!

I used a lime green, stripes, and a solid black to create a stair step pattern using a Rail Fence pattern. Ms. Rosalie taught me to keep my eye to he black, which came to play in last year’s quilt.

I added this adorable zebras and I’m in love with them!
The quilt was tied and that was by far my least favorite part of the process for that year. I figured out that it was a poor needle choice that caused me all my problems. I remember the judge wrote on my score sheet that I could have asked for help after I told her about all the trouble I had. I completely disagree with that because its my project and I should do it myself. How exactly do you get help with tying a quilt without someone physically doing it, its not something you can guide someone with.

Looking back on this quilt now, I realize that I did make a lot of mistakes. Especially in the binding, but that is a tricky part. The craftsmanship is that of a newbie. I am very proud of it, even if I may or may not regret the color choices! 😉 At my 4-H County Judging, I ended up getting the first County Award. Basically, I got Second Place. The girl that went to State to show (got First) had a really nice double sided quilt. I wish I could remember how she did, but I can’t. Anyway, she deserved it.