A New Sewing Machine… Maybe?

Today, I finally went around town to look at new sewing machines. As some of you may know, I’ve been sewing on a Singer Featherweight that the wonderful ladies at my local quilt shoppe let me borrow for almost two months now. As much as I want to keep that fabulous machine, I need to return it and get my own machine.

I made four stops and tried pretty much every brand on the market (except Singer, which, according to an old seller, has been putting out some stinky stuff) and have narrowed it down to two brands/machines.
Drum roll, please? Its between Baby Lock’s “Molly” and Brother’s Simplicity sb3129. Do any of you guys have either? What do you think? Any experience with the brands? I would love, love, love any help you awesome people could give me!


Busy Bees Make No Honey

I’ve been so busy lately… I know my fabric is getting lonesome… Here’s how the gang has spent the last 2+ weeks.

Crammed into a tiny storage container… They are too beautiful to be living like that.

I’ve had a lot looming over me lately. For example, a very important report. Do I want to work on it? Heck no! Would I rather be quilting? You betcha! But, you see, I have a very guilty conscience and had I indulged my time in pleasurable activities, I would have felt guilty about not working on the a fore mentioned report.
So what did I end up doing? Pinterest. Very productive, I know.

And to top it all off, I realized my Strike Out! quilt needs to be done in 60 some days…. I guess I should bump it up on my to-do list since I’ve done squat with the fabric thus far.

Ok. I’m done.

Tennessee Waltz

Tennessee Waltz

I was dancin’ with my darlin’
To the Tennessee Waltz
When an old friend
I happened to see
I introduced him to my darlin’
And while they were dancin’
My friend stole
My sweetheart from me

I remember the night
Of the Tennessee Waltz
Now I know just
How much I have lost
Yes, I lost my little darlin’
The night they were playin’
The beautiful Tennessee Waltz.

Don’tcha think Kelly Clarkson sang it beautifully at the Grammies?? That was the first time heard the poem in song and now I completely understand how it came to be a quilt pattern!

Bucket-List 2013

I want to make this a fabulous quilting year! My goal: 7

#1- Tennessee Waltz Quilt

For 4-H’s Quilting Self-Determined… Make it modern and win big! If it turns out good (let’s cross our fingers) I may put it in the County Fair.
Due: Beginning of June

#2- UnKnown Mini

For 4-H’s You Can Quilt! Most likely a rail fence or alternating 4-patch.
Due: Beginning of June

#3- Strike Out! X2

For my at-the-moment-Best Friend (unfortunately I flop between besties) and my Grandpa. This will be my first try at appliqué. You can buy the pattern here.
Due: End of May, Christmas Time

#4- Farmer’s Wife

For me!! I’ve been drooling over all the fabulous samplers on the internet, and gosh darn it I have to make one too!
Due: End of Year

#5- A Quilt Along
I want to do a quilt along as its actually going along. So, if you hear of any or are hosting one yourself, give me a little ring!

That’s all for specific quilts that I need to make this year. This list is not conclusive; I would be more than happy to make a few that I’ve pinned on Pinterest!
As you can see, I’m very near to my goal of seven quilts this year. With this all mapped out, I realized the first 6 months are going to be CRAZY trying to reach all the deadlines…unfortunately none of the deadlines can be extended. Let’s make this a wonderful, stitchy year anyway!

What are on your 2013 Buckt-Lists?

A Happy Ending

As this year comes to a close, its a perfect time to reflect on the fabulous 2012. This year, I found love, found my best friend, pushed my sanity on a zip line (BTW if you ever have the chance to go zip lining, DO IT!! Its a blast!), and discovered more of who I am. On the quilting side of things, this was my first quilty year; the first year the bug really affected me. I made three quilts this year and each one was a mile marker for me:

Minnie Mouse mini: This was the first quilt I did completely on my own. It was also the first quilt that took me to the State 4-H Quilt Show, as well.

Butterfly Path: This was my first larger quilt and was the first quilt that I actually quilted instead of tied. Shhh, don’t tell the others, but she’s my favorite!

Bright n’ Gay: This was the first quilt that I hand-quilted. It was a long process but it was definitely worth it; hand-quilting is my preferred method of quilting!

As this year comes to a close, let’s raise our needles to a new year of fun, happiness, love, and lots of sewing!

Live Long and Sew On My Friends….

Time Away

Tomorrow, I’m heading for Disney! I’m super-duper excited; Disney is my life! As I was packing today, I got sad that I couldn’t bring my quilt so that I could save some room in my suitcase. Not to mention I can’t sew on the plane! That’s a complete waste of valuable sewing time!!

Anyway, I then realized that I didn’t have to go a week without sewing!

I got an old cigar box and turned it into a mini-sewing kit. Now I have something to do at night to wind down (that’s my kind of vacation!). I hope the cigar smell doesn’t rub off on the fabric though…

I packed a little pile of my blue and orange hexies, thread, needles (I spent a lot of time on that needle-book *snicker*), and a seam ripper to act as scissors. Hopefully I can sneak down an cut a few more hexies before the plane takes off.

I still wish I could sew on the plane…

Its an Early {BQF} Voting Day!

If politics aren’t your thing, stop on over to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and vote on quilts! Now that’s my style!
So nominations are up and *insert sad face here* I didn’t get any nominations. But I wont hold any grudges. Every quilt nominated is absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to stop by and support all the beautiful quilts, I did!
After weeks of being MIA, my blue thread that I was quilting my Orange Quilt with finally turned up. Apparently, my devil kitten Lady Marie batted it under my trashcan. I cannot leave anything on my sewing table or it will turn up missing! Lady Marie has the sewing bug too!
I can now commence my hand quilting! I got a new, special quilting needle and everything is going a lot smoother…er, straighter.

I’m making a lot of progress. I think I’m over half done but I haven’t done any official counting. I also have to rip out a bunch of stitches… Maybe I’ll be done by January?!?

I laugh whenever I think that this was originally for an acquaintance and I was planning on giving her this quilt in the beginning of September… A little off deadline, dont’cha think?
So this quilt is this week’s project…And maybe I’ll work on my hexies again, which I haven’t touched in a couple weeks. When did all these WIPs pile up??

So what is this week’s project for you?


These past couple of day I have been stalking- err, I mean following Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival. OMiGosh! There are over 600 (628 to be exact) amazing, magnificent, gorgeous, perfect, all around beautiful quilts entered! Six Hundred!! And to think, mine is just one of those…

There she is, #388 Butterfly Path.

Nominations began today and will last until Sunday (Nov. 4th). Everyone gets one vote, even if you didn’t enter a quilt. To vote, all you have to do is click on the star above the quilt you like. Careful, no going back once you’ve voted! After the nominations are made, Miss Amy will announce the top five quilts in each category.

So, my dear friends, if you have a moment to spare, hop on over to Amy’s and support #388 Inès @ Thready Bear! (Does that make me seem desperate? I’m just doing it for the fun of it but, hey, I’m a competitive person!)

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

So, for the heck of it I decided to enter Butterfly Path into this fall’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival! Here we go…..!


Welcome all ye Festival goers! I present to you Butterfly Path!
I started this quilt in June 2012 to put in my county fair’s quilt show. We won the creativity award! Anyway, she was made using the collection Papillion by 3 Sisters for Moda. She is quilted stitch in the ditch style (BTW, this is my very first quilted that was actually “quilted”). She’s my baby.


Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures : 42″ X 57″
Special techniques used : Chevron pattern w/o triangles
Quilted by : Me (Inès)
Best Category: Throw quilt, Home Machine Quilted quilt, Quilt Photographer