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Bloggers’ Quilt Fest: Voting Time

Just wanted to pop by and remind everyone that voting is going on RIGHT NOW over at the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I have two quilts entered this year: Donkey-ing Around and Golddigger.

Donkey-ing Around is up for:
Best Wall Hanging
Best Hand-Quilted
Best Quilt Photographer (what the hey!)


Golddigger is up for:
Best Appliqué
Best Two-Color


I have gotten so many wonderful comments and I thank you all! Keep spreading the love and turn those hearts red!!
Voting is open until Thursday!!!.

Show Results

Over the weekend, my county fair took place and so did the quilt show that goes along with it. I entered Stretch and also my DWR and I’m pretty happy with how I did.

My baby Stretch got FIRST!! The DWR received an Honorable Mention. This class had a lot tougher competition so I’m pleased with how I did. If I could go back in time, I would swap the quilts and their categories. Stretch is definitely my better work and I wish he went into the tougher category.

There is another quilt show coming up at the end of September and I’m for sure entering Stretch…Should I enter the DWR?

Not So Fugly Fabric Up For Grabs!


Some people are just smart… Like Lucy at Charm About and her Fugly Fabric Party! Now there’s a loving place to send your fugly or unwanted fabric.

Ok, who wants to swap with me? Up for grabs I have quite a bit of Joyful Harvest left over.

This fabric is in no way fugly, its just not me and I will never use it. Why not give it to some one who will?

You can swap for all or just pieces. This is a recent collection that has the perfect amount of metallic in it. Any takers yet?

These are scraps but they are very generous cuts! I can see a lovely fall HST table runner in its future. Those strips of leaves are already (semi) fussy cut.

As I said, I would ideally swap but I’ll also send it to anyone who will just pay postage. How good of a saleswoman was I? Let me know if you’re interested!

PS- I love low volume and 30s prints…and soft florals… That’s my ideal swap!

Sample #2 Finish

*Warning: Picture Post Ahead!

Earlier this week I finally finished the Joyful Harvest placemats, meaning it was time to turn them in to the shop. In my opinion everything turned out huge!

Like the tablerunner, the placemats had mitered corners. The placemats lined up better but I have a weird puckering that I don’t know how it got there.

Here’s a close up of all the placemats:




I love the colors and the metallic finish (which you can’t see in the pictures.) Overall, the pattern was straightforward, easy, and accurate.

How about this lovely finish?

It’s my very first Dahlia! I couldn’t be happier with how she turned out!

“Rug”ged Finish

So this mess of a WIP has been sitting on my wine rack for the past two weeks. It was supposed to be a potholder to practice mitered corners for my 4-H project but it just didn’t get done for county judging (though it didn’t matter!). I figured thought that it should be done for State so I sat down and got it done.

I think it came out really cute! I used a scrap piece of that awesome floral out of (you guessed it) Honey Honey. It was bound in the same thing. I used the machine to machine quilt a little asterisk, which makes the center really fun to move around!

As I said earlier, it was,an exercise of mitered corners and everything went easy peesey until the very last one (top left hand corner) and that one just had issues. O well, its practice so it shouldn’t be perfect!

I’m super excited because Sunday (July 28) I’ll pack up and head to the State Fair! I hope Stretch and I do well… Wish us luck and I’ll definitely let you all know how we do!

Ta-Da!! Its Magic!

Warning: Here comes a picture post!

Do you guys remember this regular, ole picnic basket?

How about now? Ring a bell yet?

Good! As you all know, I planned to turn it into my own custom sewing basket after I saw one on Pinterest. Well guess what!? Its done!!

The outside is spray painted a solid white. Pretty bland, I know. But…..

Shazaam! Not bland on the inside!

The basket bottom is lined with a solid “happy orange” as I like to call it.

The top is also lined with “happy orange” and also has a pocket with elastic in it. The pocket is a light orange with red/orange polka dots.

I am in L-O-V-E with this ribbon! It has hedgehogs!!! I lined everything with this and even made a little bow for the top.
I am uber excited to fill this baby up and use it like crazy! I’m so happy that it turned out good (IMO). I am not a DIY-er so that just makes this all the more special to me. Also, I am working on making a new matching pincushion that looks like a hedgehog…. So far, it looks like he’ll be so ugly he’s cute…I can live with that! Im also making a matching thread caddy (because we all know I need another!)
In the end, I used 4 fat quarters, 1 1/2 spools of ribbon, 2 cans of spray paint, a whole bunch of hot glue, and the basket. I would estimate it at costing $40 total. So maybe its not the cheaper way to go, but now I have a basket that’s 100% me, and that’s priceless. (I’m sure someone that’s a better bargain hunter would be able to make it for a lot cheaper.)


Guess who else likes it!

I can’t end this post without a cute kitty pic, now can I?!

Ma, Look What I Made!

Look what I made again! Its another thread caddy/needle holder.

I made this one for my mom because she thought mine was so cute and because she started her first quilting class. We brought her to the dark side, muhahaha! Anyway she loves it and so do the ladies in her class. She didn’t even have to show them before they started oohing and awing.

This one is a gazillion times better than my first one. I kind of want to make myself another one… You can never have too many, can you?

I absolutely L-O-V-E these little guys! They’re sooo handy and adorable!

On a side note, I found out what was wrong with my sewing machine. I had the wrong sized bobbin in…. Oops. In my defense, no one has ever told me there were different sized bobbins!

Sewing Basket Update

Yesterday I was able to go to JoAnn’s and, among another things, got the stuff I need for my picnic basket turned sewing basket revamp. I got four fat quarters for the inside lining. There are three bright oranges and a softer orange with polka dots that will be used for the pocket on the top.

I also got a satiny white to color the basket with. My favorite buy of the day probably has to be the ribbon I got to line the edges of the fabric. It has hedgehogs!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!!!

I can’t wait to get started on this project… But I think it will be best if I wait until I’m done with my Orange Quilt. (Which I haven’t made any progress with since I ran out of thread.) Hopefully I’ll finish him by the end of this weekend… That’s not aiming too high right?


Itchin’ for a (Hand) Stitchin’

Late last night I was really craving a finish and some hand stitching. So I hopped on Pinterest and found this uber cute thread caddy/ needle case thingy. And since there was some hand stitching that had to be done, to my fabric drawer I went!

Isn’t he cute!?!? I choose a jungle flannel print because I’m really only a three year old in an adult body.

(Excuse my lack of manicure and terrible blanket stitch.)

It’s such a clever idea (my dad said I should patent it… I wish). And it’s really simple to make. So you should all go here, stop drooling, and make one for yourself. Go. Shoo, shoo!