Recently I picked up the drop spindle and I loved it so much that I knew I wanted to go to the next step but I didn’t want to spend the money. But I found some perfection!

After laying down $400, I was the proud new owner of a four year old, gently used Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel!! It was a great deal, because not only did I get the wheel, but also a Lazy Kate, 6 Bobbins, a Double Treadle Kit, and a niddy noddy. Its a basic start up kit!

It took a little bit, but I think I’ve figured it out! I am so excited for my new baby!!

On the bobbin is some unknown to me wool in red/brown/aqua tones. I got about a pound of roving with the wheel and its not really my colors, so I have a ton to practice on, so that’s what I’m doing.

It’s not perfect, but I’m trying.

What’s on your bobbin this week?

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Plans are a good thing until you discover your plans won’t work. That was the case for this finish: A while back I bought a quilt kit, but when I went to begin, I realized that I would have upside down animals on the borders. So, I winged it (or is it wung?)! Here is the result.

The quilt features the panel among other fabrics from Oink-a-Dodle-Moo by Jenni Ski for Moda. I can’t believe how cute these animals are! The baby goat has to be my favorite!

The quilt was used to practice getting my stitches small and even. I’m really happy how the quilting turned out!

I really like the look of interesting sashing. I really like my film strip chicks; I just imagine them in a little marching band! The vertical sashing was really my first go at improv piecing and I really liked it, though it took a long time. Each of the 3 strips took an hour and a half!

The quilt ended way smaller than inticipated, so the quilt went to Catholic Charities to keep a little babe warm. It was almost like a Christmas/ Birthday gift to others from me!

Official Quilt Stats:
Name: Oink-A-Doodle-Moo
Size: 24.5″ x 34.5″
Fabrics: Oink-a-Doodle-Moo by Jenni Ski for Moda
Techniques Used: improv piecing, hand-quilting

Yarn Along: Sherlock Scarf

My first knitting project is coming along nicely and I am enjoying the process a lot!

The scarf that is loosely based off of BBC’s Sherlock is coming together both quickly and slowly. Quickly because it is composed of short rows and slowly because I’m using it as my on-the-go project and this bitter cold we’ve been having has kept me inside at the sewing machine.

The scarf is currently 32cm but it definitely has a lot of growing to do! It is by no means perfect; the edges are all over and I think I dropped a stitch. But that’s why they say practice makes perfect!

I couldn’t be happier with my first project!

Ring Ring Ring

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Its All About the U!

Its no secret that auction-goers love quilts and my Alma Mater’s annual auction no different. I offered to make a quilt, so I created my own pattern that would reflect the school. Here’s what I came up with:

So I started out by foundation paper piecing the lettering. I’ve been using Quiet Play’s Just My Type alphabet. I am not an expert paper piecer but everything is going smooth. I actually really love paper piecing, which is something I never thought I’d say!

I drafted the block U myself and am now in the process of attaching the U to its background. Of course I used my go-to method of appliqué, freezer paper. I am not quite halfway done with this part.

The entire quilt will be made using Town and County by Pepper Cory for Studio E, mainly in the green and gold brush stroke print. I’m taking my time on the quilt because our auction isn’t until November. Hopefully it will be a hit!

On a separate note, my LQS was having a nice sale over the weekend to move some old fabrics to make room for the new stuff. Of course I took advantage and bought some half yard cuts for a new project. My new project is a 30s farm scene that I’ve had floating in my mind forever so I’m finally getting down to it.

The 30s prints are from various collections. I love 30s prints because they are so soft and nostalgic. The green is an uber soft textured solid from the Peppered Cottons line.

Where Things Come Back

First of all, I hope everyone had a great holiday season! And now its time to toast to a New Year; Cheers!!

Secondly, I never meant to take such a long hiatus, but you know how life gets in the way and things have to be cut for awhile. Although this place has been idle and collecting cob webs, I certainly have not. I’ve spent my time honing some skills and learning new ones. So without further ado, let’s cozy up and recap what’s been going on in my crafty corner for the past three months:


Quilting hasn’t been put on hold. Since I last talked to you I was working on my Farm Quilt from Oinkadoodle Moo. I happily announce that it is finished and destined to be donated to a baby, if I can find the perfect place to take it. Any suggestions? My goal was to have the quilt done by the New Year and It was finished January 1st. Yay for meeting goals!

The full quilt will be revealed soon.

I also started another quilt that will be donated to a school auction. Again, you’ll be introduced to my Alma Mater quilt soon, I promise!


If you’ve stopped by before, you probably know that a lot of my sewing revolves around 4-H, more specifically You Can Quilt! My constant struggle with this competition is making myself standout with out “breaking the rules” (see Donkey-ing Around). This year I have decided to make my own fabric in the form of felted wool! So I taught myself how to wet felt and VIOLÀ!

I used 100% BlueFaced Leister (BFL) wool from Dream Weaver Fibers. This stuff is sooo soft and a dream to work with!

So far I have three rolls of felted wool ready to dye. On the agenda is cutting those up to see how much I have and, if need be, I’ll make more. Although its a tad messy, I love felting.


It all started when I was vacationing in Colonial Williamsburg and I saw a lady in period dress, spinning yarn. It has been 4 years now and that memory still remains with me. It was never just a memory though, it was a seed. And that seed finally has taken over the garden and made me buy a drop spindle. I love spinning.

I can’t explain how much I love spinning. I just can’t. But I am so smitten by it that I’m looking into buying a used spinning wheel. A dream come true! You’ll see plenty more handspun yarn around here from now on!

Here is my first mini skien of yarn! It is 16 yards of 100% BFL. It is by no means perfect but I’m still proud of myself. I can already tell that my next skien will be an improvement!

{I would like to give a shout out to Knotty Gnome Crafts for being such a HUGE inspiration!!!}


Since there is going to be a lot of yarn around here, I decided to teach myself how to knit. I am currently enjoying working on a simple scarf.

I used Vickie Howell’s Sheep-ish yarn in a navy blue on US size 6 needles. I am not using a pattern, just row after row until I deem it long enough. I think I ‘m coming along well, just don’t look at the edges!

That concludes my wrap up. As you can see I have been rather busy these few months and I hope I keep up the momentum! Hopefully the next time we talk it will be way sooner than March!

Here’s to a Happy, Crafty New Year!!

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Bloggers’ Quilt Fest: Voting Time

Just wanted to pop by and remind everyone that voting is going on RIGHT NOW over at the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival! I have two quilts entered this year: Donkey-ing Around and Golddigger.

Donkey-ing Around is up for:
Best Wall Hanging
Best Hand-Quilted
Best Quilt Photographer (what the hey!)


Golddigger is up for:
Best Appliqué
Best Two-Color


I have gotten so many wonderful comments and I thank you all! Keep spreading the love and turn those hearts red!!
Voting is open until Thursday!!!.

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Golddigger

Welcome everyone from BQF! Its been quiet around here, but have a look around, all are welcome!

This year my entry is Golddigger:


Golddigger was made in response to the DWR Challenge. I created my own English Paper Piecing templates to create the ring (my first time EPP-ing!!) and then appliquéd the completed ring to a blue background. I used various gold metallics to get the “golddigger” feel. I then appliquéd some silver metallic diamonds; I love the bling!! For the quilting, I used a gold metallic thread to cross hatch inside the ring to off set the roundness. I love the big stitches, even if that isn’t proper!


Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Stats:
Name: Golddigger
Size: 18″ square
Techniques Used: EPPing, hand-quilted, appliqué
Quilted by: Me (Inès)
Best Category: appliqué, two color

For more on Golddigger, click here!

All votes are appreciated!! Head on over to Amy’s for some more awesome quilts, or stay here and have a look around!

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Donkey-ing Around

Welcome to all visitors from BQF!! It has been very quiet around here, but please, take a look around!!!

This year, I am entering Donkey-ing Around:


Donkeying-ing Around was completed for my 4-H show in July. The doll baby of a donkey's name is Stretch, lovingly called that because his legs are about 4inches longer than planned. Stretch is made of about 273 2" squares out of Honey Honey by Kate Spain for Moda. He is minimally hand quilted at a diagonal, every other square.

I absolutely love this quilt! ( And that’s the most important thing.)

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Stats:
Name: Donkey-ing Around
Size: 26″ x 24″
Techniques Used: piecing, hand-quilting
Quilted by: Me (Inès)
Best Category: wall hanging, hand-quilted, quilt photographer

More on Donkey-ing Around can be found here!

All votes are appreciated!! Hop over to Amy’s to check out some more awesome quilts, or stay right here and have a look around!


I’m sorry being so quiet lately. Its been kind of crazy around here. In between work, visiting family, and getting ready for a big event this weekend, there has been little time for sewing. You know what they say about life; its what happens while you’re busy making other plans. And boy have I been making plans! But for now my grand schemes must remain contained in the depths of my quilty mind!

As I just mentioned, this weekend I have a big event. Luckily, I didn’t have to do any planning so my main focus has been on my outfit. I have always been one to beat to my own drum so my dress was a bargain find from etsy.com. Its a beautiful full black dress with big, bold flowers on it. I love it! And the best part is its vintage!
I’m a rather short lady so I ended up having to hack off quite a bit of the hem line. I was able to keep all the remanents, and with them, I wanted to make a cute hair bow.

I made the bow as I went along, using multiple tutorials as a starting off point. I made it completely by hand and it took me about an hour. The netting on the top was once part of the lining and I think it adds great texture! I love how it turned out.

(How about that fancy-schmancy editing!)

One great aspect of my entire ensemble for the evening is that its all eco-friendly. The dress was used way back in the 70’s. The bow was fabric that would have been thrown away (egad!!). That, my friends, is what I call “trashion!!”