{Works in Progress}

This week has given me plenty of sewing time and I’ve taken advantage of it! I was able to put the seam ripper away and pick up my quilting needle again. I’m finally in the home stretch!

Look at that thread bunny!

Official WIP Stats:
Blocks Left: 10
Total Blocks: 34
Percent Done: 71%

I’m hoping to have this baby done by December 8. That will give me plenty of time to finish all the blocks and sew the binding on.

In other news, I had a great time in Disney! Unfortunately I did not get much sewing time. Twenty thousand (20,000) steps a day takes a lot out of you! I was able to get some more hexies done on my Alligator Quilt, though.

This quilt sure does grew fast, but, boy are hexies monotonous! I could never work on just a hexie quilt, but I love it as a side project.


So what’s going on in your little quilting world?

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Time Away

Tomorrow, I’m heading for Disney! I’m super-duper excited; Disney is my life! As I was packing today, I got sad that I couldn’t bring my quilt so that I could save some room in my suitcase. Not to mention I can’t sew on the plane! That’s a complete waste of valuable sewing time!!

Anyway, I then realized that I didn’t have to go a week without sewing!

I got an old cigar box and turned it into a mini-sewing kit. Now I have something to do at night to wind down (that’s my kind of vacation!). I hope the cigar smell doesn’t rub off on the fabric though…

I packed a little pile of my blue and orange hexies, thread, needles (I spent a lot of time on that needle-book *snicker*), and a seam ripper to act as scissors. Hopefully I can sneak down an cut a few more hexies before the plane takes off.

I still wish I could sew on the plane…

Half a Hexie

On Saturday, I sat down with Doctor Who, cut into 3 yards of solid orange and blue, and taught myself how to make hexagons! I love this little guys! I find it so calming and relaxing to just sit and sew a straight little line. I’m planning on making this bigger and bigger until I’m tired of sewing these suckers together.

Earlier, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to make anything of my Solids and Alligator flannel due to a fall out with the friend for whom this quilt was for. After a lot of thinking, I figured that continuing with this quilt will help in the healing process. Plus, if my friend and I ever make up, it will be ready and waiting for them.

These lonesome hexies wanted to say “hey!”

If I plan on making an entire quilt out of these hexies (which I’m guessing are about 2 inches), I’lll have to make a whole lot more! Cutting these thing out is so tedious to me… But I have Doctor Who to keep me company!

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P.P.S.- Happy Halloween!!!