{Work in Progress}

This week, I decided to put aside my Tennessee Waltz and decided to start on my Strike Out! quilt. Yesterday, I made all my freezer paper templates. Today, I cut all my fabric and did a whole lotta ironing… and starching…and finger burning…

Over all, I got a lot done!

I decided to leave almost all the templates in, just because I don’t know the next time I’ll pull it back out. I’ll also have to re-iron afterwards, and frankly, I’m ironed out for tonight!

I’m loving the process and how its turning out!

What do you think??


WIP Wednesday

Finally, I was able to find freezer paper! And boy do I have plenty of it now…

150 square feet to be exact! I’m set for life.

Once my week clears up more, I’ll start on my Strike Out!quilt. As I said before this is my first time with appliqué and I am a little nervous. I have read through numerous tutorials and it seems easy enough, so cross your fingers! And stay tuned!!

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