A Finish for Friday

It’s such a dreary day up here but all’s well because I finally finished the Orange Quilt!!

I decided to call this “Bright n’ Gay” because it is the Christmas season and, honestly, I can’t do much brighter!
Bright n’ Gay finishes at around 49″ square… Maybe… Anyway I used a quilting cotton (that I have no clue what it is or who its by) on the front and on the back is a nice, comfy flannel. It is a simple patchwork.

He is bound in the same green as on the front. The binding really ties everything in and I couldn’t be happier.

This was the first quilt hat I hand-quilted. Needless to say, there are many mistakes. I like to live by the philosophy that if you can’t see it galloping by on a horse, than its just fine. Works for me!

Guess who I saw while freezing my butt off to deliver these fabulous photos?

I think Mr. Cardinal likes it!

I’m so glad this project is done; It was supposed to be a “quick” project I started back in September! O well, I’m glad I get to finally snuggle with him.


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December Finishes


And There She Sat Binding….

Wow, can you say long time, no post? Almost a month, yikes! Sorry about that… If its any consolation, I have had no sewing time! Hopefully this next week will reap plenty of sewing time.
So lets go back in time….
So Saturday, December 1st, I finally, finally, finally finished quilting the Orange Quilt!! I promptly started on the binding and got about half a side. And that’s where we are now…

As of now, I have one side fully done and half of another side. I really like binding, but I can’t sit and do it for long. (I have the attention span of a Cheerio.) I’m in no rush though…now that I’ve passed my deadline…

I honestly was not crazy about how the quilt was looking, but the binding is really tying everything together! I’m so excited to finish this bad boy up!!

I think that I’ll add ties in the center of the green and yellow/orange blocks. I’m worried that there’s just too much room in between the quilted blocks… I don’t need a batting disaster! Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, tying would break up the monotony of binding, even if it does prolong the finish…

{Works in Progress}

This week has given me plenty of sewing time and I’ve taken advantage of it! I was able to put the seam ripper away and pick up my quilting needle again. I’m finally in the home stretch!

Look at that thread bunny!

Official WIP Stats:
Blocks Left: 10
Total Blocks: 34
Percent Done: 71%

I’m hoping to have this baby done by December 8. That will give me plenty of time to finish all the blocks and sew the binding on.

In other news, I had a great time in Disney! Unfortunately I did not get much sewing time. Twenty thousand (20,000) steps a day takes a lot out of you! I was able to get some more hexies done on my Alligator Quilt, though.

This quilt sure does grew fast, but, boy are hexies monotonous! I could never work on just a hexie quilt, but I love it as a side project.


So what’s going on in your little quilting world?

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Keep Calm

That pretty much sums up all the progress on my Orange Quilt. I had to rip out a little more than a dozen blocks full of quilting. I’m finally in the home stretch with only two more blocks to go. Woo-Hoo! The only problem is is that the blocks are machine quilted (with a very small stitch in some places) with straight lines almost 1/4 inch apart. That’s a lot to rip out!
Hopefully I’ll be able to tackle those final black tomorrow and start quilting again.

{Quilt Progress}

Its official: I have no life. Last night I was perfectly content to sit and finish quilting my Orange Quilt! Yep, that’s what I do on my Friday nights. YOLO! Of course, my hottie Zak Bagans kept me company! What more could a girl ask for, ghosts and quilts! I digress.

This is techically not a full finish; I still have to rip-out some quilting in a number of blocks.

I cannot wait for this quilt to be done! It is destined to be banished into the car to cover up with for these cold winter mornings. Hopefully it will make the mornings more bearable!

As I said earlier, I have some stitches to rip out. Thirteen blocks worth…. Ick. It honestly didn’t seem like I had that much to rip out when it was sitting in my lap! I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing this weekend…

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{Quilting Progress}

Happy Election Day! This is one of the first presidential elections that I have actually gotten involved in. With that being said, I’m sitting on the couch watching CNN broadcasting the results as they come in.

This is so exciting! The 2012 Election is one of the closest elections since 1936!!

Official WIPs Stats:
Blocks Left: 15
Total Blocks: 34
(Rip-Outs: 13)
Percent Done: 55.8%
(Percent Done After Rip-Outs: 20.5%)
….. Ouch ….. Numbers hurt ….. I though I had a lot more done. *sad face*


P.S.- See here for the tale of the missing thread….

Its an Early {BQF} Voting Day!

If politics aren’t your thing, stop on over to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival and vote on quilts! Now that’s my style!
So nominations are up and *insert sad face here* I didn’t get any nominations. But I wont hold any grudges. Every quilt nominated is absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to stop by and support all the beautiful quilts, I did!
After weeks of being MIA, my blue thread that I was quilting my Orange Quilt with finally turned up. Apparently, my devil kitten Lady Marie batted it under my trashcan. I cannot leave anything on my sewing table or it will turn up missing! Lady Marie has the sewing bug too!
I can now commence my hand quilting! I got a new, special quilting needle and everything is going a lot smoother…er, straighter.

I’m making a lot of progress. I think I’m over half done but I haven’t done any official counting. I also have to rip out a bunch of stitches… Maybe I’ll be done by January?!?

I laugh whenever I think that this was originally for an acquaintance and I was planning on giving her this quilt in the beginning of September… A little off deadline, dont’cha think?
So this quilt is this week’s project…And maybe I’ll work on my hexies again, which I haven’t touched in a couple weeks. When did all these WIPs pile up??

So what is this week’s project for you?

{Quilting Progress}

For the past week, I’ve been working on hand quilting my Orange Quilt. I have five blocks done and I’m working on my sixth…. Only 28 more! Whoo-hoo. O, and that’s only the striped squares, as I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the orange and green squares.

I’m really enjoying hand quilting. It’s really relaxing and I love that it’s so portable! My only complaint is that my back will start hurting after a while but I’ll deal. The hand quilting has been leaving me worried about deadlines… Especially with my 4-H quilts. I want to get in another couple quilts for the practice but I cannot be rushed. I’m hoping to have my Orange Quilt finished by November so that I can start my Alligator Quilt and have that ready for Christmas. And then after that I’ll hopefully work on starting my 4-H quilt.

I am having trouble with one thing and I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. So, here, take a look:

Eww, right? My top stitches are mostly very straight but if I turn it over, the back stitches are all wonky. Its not bothering me a whole lot yet (but it still bothers me some) but I’m really concerned that I wont be able to figure out whats going on and this is what all my quilts will look like. Yikes, I hope not! Does anyone know what’s going on???

{Quilting Progress}

I began quilting this top the other day and it has been slow going. I decided on straight lines in the block after realizing I hate sewing long lines. I’m using a royal blue that really pops on the mainly orange blocks.

I really wish you all could feel this quilt right now! It has an amazing texture on both the cotton top and flannel backing.


The orange polka dot blocks will be quilted in he same way with a bright orange thread and the green blocks with have a dark green thread.


I’m in love!!

{Work in Progress}

I was up late last night trying to finish up the top to this baby quilt.

It will be quilted with straight lines; either just in the lined blocks or among the seams. What do you think? It will be bound with the same green polka dot as in the blocks and will be backed with a snuggly white with stars flannel.