Gold Digger

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S is what I was going for with this mini!

Gold Digger was made in response to the NYC MOD Double Wedding Ring Challenge. It was something I wanted to try for a while so I decided why not??
To create the rings I made my own English Paper Piecing (EPP) templates, using this pattern. This was my first go at EPP and I was pretty pleased with it.

I used three various gold metallics to get the “gold digger” feel, and of course I don’t have selvage with the exact name or anything to go off. I then appliquéd silver metallic “diamonds.” What can I say, I like BLING! After the ring was complete I appliquéd it to my “something blue” background. The background and binding are both Color Weave by P&B Textiles.

The hand quilting was done with a gold metallic Gutterman thread. I crosshatched the insides, trying to offset the curves of the ring. I left the outsides empty. I love the look of my big stitches!

I couldn’t be happier with Gold Digger and I hope to try the DWR again soon!

Gold Digger Official Stats:
Name: Gold Digger
Size: 18″ Square
Fabrics: various metallics, Color Weave by P&B Textiles
Techniques Used: EPP, appliqué, hand-quilting

How to Be a Gold Digger


Show Results

Over the weekend, my county fair took place and so did the quilt show that goes along with it. I entered Stretch and also my DWR and I’m pretty happy with how I did.

My baby Stretch got FIRST!! The DWR received an Honorable Mention. This class had a lot tougher competition so I’m pleased with how I did. If I could go back in time, I would swap the quilts and their categories. Stretch is definitely my better work and I wish he went into the tougher category.

There is another quilt show coming up at the end of September and I’m for sure entering Stretch…Should I enter the DWR?

Finally Free

I really hate deadlines so I don’t know why I do this to myself…. Just in time, I was able to finish my Double Wedding Ring. As we speak, he, along with Stretch, is preparing for judging.

In all honesty, As soon as I was done I dropped it off so I never really laid it flat and looked at it… Probably should have done that…. And I said I wouldn’t do this again! I’ll learn eventually!

Now that the DWR is finished, I want to work on some stress free sewing, some small things that have been peculating in my mind for a bit. You have no idea how excited I am for that!

( I pinky promise to get nice pictures and do a finish post for my lovely little DWR!)

DWR Progress

I’ve been working like crazy trying to finish up the Double Wedding Ring. For a while there I didn’t think I would finish it, but I’m confident that I will have it done for Thursday.

I finished appliqué-ing the diamonds and started right in on quilting. ( Yes, I did break in and buy a hoop!)

I went with the cross hatching because I thought the straight lines would compliment the curves of the Rings. I’m loving how its turning out!

I know its not right but I love the look and texture of big stitches. What do you think?

My timeline is to have the binding done by Wednesday night. That means I’ll have to finish the outer rings like now! Better go quilt!

Time to Glam It Up!

Yesterday, I was able to finish appliqué-ing my DWR onto its blue back ground (Yay for a finish!). That means its time to get some diamonds (silver metallic fabric will also work) to glam this baby up! I’ll use the freezer paper technique to make the circle, which I’ll be using the finger hole pattern from Strike Out!.

I’m loving how its turning out! Now that I’m in the home stretch, I’m trying to find the best way to quilt it. I’m leaning towards outlining the rings then doing a crosshatch on the inside. What do you think? I would LOVE some suggestions from you guys!!

Staying on Track

Not even seven days later, I’m staying on track with my DWR with a finish!

I finished English Paper Piecing the sections just last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to join the sections either today or tomorrow. I’m not sure how I feel able EPP. I’ll try to give it another go, but next time I wont make my own templates.

I’m also second guessing my fabric choices. They just seem dirty to me… I’m hoping the silver and blue will brighten things up.

I sent in my preregistration for the next quilt show. Both Stretch and the DWR are registered. That means by August 22 at 8PM, it has to be completely done. This also means that I’m completely ignoring everything else I need to get done. But that’s ok; everything must stop for quilting!

DWR Progress

After about 8 hours in the car, I made a lot of progress on my DWR. I am already halfway done!

I think its turning out really nice! Again this is my first time EPP and its going well. The basting (thread basted) was a little tricky at first, but it got easier as I went along.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a 6-hour road trip so hopefully I’ll finish the piecing in that time frame.

While I was away, I visited the shop where I bought my fabrics for my first quilt, so it was a nice visit. Not to mention I bought some fabric!

I bought these fabrics to go with my DWR quilt. The blue will be the background (something blue!) and I think its the perfect blue to make everything pop! I also needed on more gold fabric to go in between the rings, so I thought that fabric would look nice, even though it is a whiter back ground.

I’m loving my fabric pull!

I also got some fat quarters for the lesson quilt (#3). I’ll have more on that quilt later.


I Plead Quilty…

…to starting another WIP. In the next couple days I’ll be spending a ton of time in the car as passenger so I needed a nice hand project, and as soon as I heard about the Double Wedding Ring Challenge I knew what I was gonna do. I am English Paper Piecing a DWR!!

I am only using three fabrics, two of which are a gold metallic, and the third (which is not shown) is a silver metallic. The idea in my head is really cool so I’m hoping it’ll play out perfect!

I have never EPP’ed before but I’m diving right in! I bought this cute little pencil case then decorated it with the uber cute circus stickers (which I bought both for a total of $2.40!) to hold my supplies. It’s cute but now the question is whether it works or not!

In my little kit I have my 2-1/2″ squares of fabric, my templates, needles, thread, paper clips (for basting help) and post-its.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my newest WIP… I’m hoping for a finish post in a week!!!