Staying on Track

Not even seven days later, I’m staying on track with my DWR with a finish!

I finished English Paper Piecing the sections just last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to join the sections either today or tomorrow. I’m not sure how I feel able EPP. I’ll try to give it another go, but next time I wont make my own templates.

I’m also second guessing my fabric choices. They just seem dirty to me… I’m hoping the silver and blue will brighten things up.

I sent in my preregistration for the next quilt show. Both Stretch and the DWR are registered. That means by August 22 at 8PM, it has to be completely done. This also means that I’m completely ignoring everything else I need to get done. But that’s ok; everything must stop for quilting!


Sample #2 Finish

*Warning: Picture Post Ahead!

Earlier this week I finally finished the Joyful Harvest placemats, meaning it was time to turn them in to the shop. In my opinion everything turned out huge!

Like the tablerunner, the placemats had mitered corners. The placemats lined up better but I have a weird puckering that I don’t know how it got there.

Here’s a close up of all the placemats:




I love the colors and the metallic finish (which you can’t see in the pictures.) Overall, the pattern was straightforward, easy, and accurate.

How about this lovely finish?

It’s my very first Dahlia! I couldn’t be happier with how she turned out!

“Rug”ged Finish

So this mess of a WIP has been sitting on my wine rack for the past two weeks. It was supposed to be a potholder to practice mitered corners for my 4-H project but it just didn’t get done for county judging (though it didn’t matter!). I figured thought that it should be done for State so I sat down and got it done.

I think it came out really cute! I used a scrap piece of that awesome floral out of (you guessed it) Honey Honey. It was bound in the same thing. I used the machine to machine quilt a little asterisk, which makes the center really fun to move around!

As I said earlier, it was,an exercise of mitered corners and everything went easy peesey until the very last one (top left hand corner) and that one just had issues. O well, its practice so it shouldn’t be perfect!

I’m super excited because Sunday (July 28) I’ll pack up and head to the State Fair! I hope Stretch and I do well… Wish us luck and I’ll definitely let you all know how we do!

A “Joyful” Finish

In the late hours of the night, I crawled from the cold darkness of my quilting corner/ basement. A finish was born. (Sorry, it is late and I am weird.)

I was finally able to sit down and finish A Joyful Harvest’s table runner. Structurally, the pattern was easy, but I was not impressed. I guess shop sample making isn’t for me…

*Please ignore the crappy late night, indoor photos!

I loathed making it but I must say it is cute.

Look at this panel! Look at it!!

Now, all that’s left is the four placemats!

Wind-Blown Backing

I finished the pieced back for my Donkey Quilt the other day. Its a simple alternating four-patch, but I know its very busy with the borders. I think the business makes it fun!

What do you think? Do you think its wonky? I’m worried about that…

I’ll hopefully baste it soon, which shouldn’t take me long. I bought a polyester batting that you iron to baste….hmmm we’ll see how it goes! Th hardest part will be lining the seams up on the front and back. Does anyone have any tricks for that??

Oh, and I’ll square it up later (better late than never!).

Almost There!

In all technicalities, Strike Out! is finished!! My wonderful mother volunteered to bind the quilt (she knows of my time crunch) and she finished it earlier this week. Moms are great!

All thats left is to attach the label and its off to its recipient! If I’m able to take some nice photos today, I’ll hand it off tonight.

Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out!

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Star Block Finishes

My quilting area looks like a tornado hit it after this week… And it will probably stay like that for awhile!

(It may not look bad but its really bad to me!)
The reason it is such a mess is because I started working on my Tennessee Waltz quilt again and have put together a number of star blocks. Tennessee Waltz needs to be done for July 10, and at the beginning of this week I had exactly one out of 18 star blocks together. So que Rocky theme song, its crunch time!
My goal is at least one block a day. That will take me over 2 weeks to finish all the blocks.
Here’s what I have so far:



(Shhh! Don’t tell but the last one is my favorite!)
I now have four blocks completed! That’s 22%…. Why does everything sound so bad in percentage form??


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Friday Finish

I finished my Strike Out! top this week!
I LOVE how it looks!! I really like how the golden strip just makes everything PoP.
What do you guys think?

Hopefully I’ll baste it tonight and I’ll cross my fingers that I can start quilting too. I’m still trying to decide if I want to use batting or not (since I’m using minky on the back.). I’m leaning towards using the batting since I like loftiness…and the warmth is always a plus!
Does anyone have suggestions, tips, or preferences when quilting with minky?

Mini Win

As I predicted, I didn’t get to work on my Strike Out! quilt much this week, but I was able to pull it out for maybe an hour and do some embroidery.

On the bottom of the bowling ball, I embroidered the name “José” for the recipient of the quilt. I used my own hand writing as the script and three strands of a true red embroidery floss that I had on hand.

I’m very happy with how it turned out as this was my first try at real embroidery. I notice a few mistakes, like uneven stitch lengths and some areas not being totally straight, but I once read this philosophy and have tried to stay true to it.
If you can’t see the mistake if its galloping by on a horse, then you’re OK.
I can’t remember where I first saw it, but I like it! Anyway, what do you guys think?

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to at least get the finger holes on the ball.