FNSI Wrap Up

Last night was nice! I sewed for about three hours and I got quite a bit done.

I sewed together all the star points that I had ready. I only had half of what I needed because of the pattern… I think. It might have been because of me…

Anywho, After I had finished my star points, I put together my first block!

It was a lot of lining up to do and that’s something that I hate to do; I don’t have the patience. I have to make 18 blocks total, so I’m thinking that I’ll space them out so that it doesn’t get as frustrating.

I love how its turning out!!!

For the top, I still have to 1.) finish the start points, 2.) make the snowball blocks, 3.) finish all the star blocks, 4.) and finally put the top together….. *sigh* I thought I had so much more done.

What do you think? And how did your sew-in go?


Are Ready For This?

Tonight is the monthly Friday Night Sew-In. This is my first time but, hey, I’m ready!
FNSI is a real simple concept: join the linky prior, have a wild and crazy Friday night at your sewing machine, and on Saturday, share what you got accomplished!

What am I going to be working on? Piecing some star points!

Hopefully, I’ll finish them tonight!! If by some miracle that happens, I’ll then square them up, and piece the stars…. O I’m so excited!!! *insert squeal of happiness*

So, are you ready for this???