You Can Quilt! 2012

Sadly, there has been no quilting around here lately. *sad face*. So I thought I would share with you my 4-H quilt from last year…The one that really got my started in quilting.
This was my second year taking the project You Can Quilt! This year, after receiving 2nd place on county level, I was fortune enough to be selected to show at state. State was definitely an experience. It’s amazing what some of these kids can do and still be the same age as me!

Hopefully you can tell that my quilt was inspired by the Marvelous Minnie Mouse (she’s my idol!). The little flower embellishment is an upside down yo-yo flower, but I didn’t know that at the time I made it. It was there to represent Minnie’s hat from when she was first on the scene.
I received a lot of compliments on this little wall hanging. The judge’s scores were mostly very high but what killed me, and others, was those pesky mitered corners. That being said I escaped state without placing in the top 20% (Outstanding of the Day) or getting the Clock Trophy (first place.)

For this upcoming year, I’m planning on taking You Can Quilt! again (and until I place) and also the Quilting Self-Determined. The Self-Determined quilt will give me more freedom in what pattern of quilt I’ll make, how large, and many different things. But there is also a ton more competition in the Self-Determined, which scares me.
I’m hoping to start working on it soon to avoid that whole “haste makes waste” stuff. But then again, judging’s not until June!