WIP Wednesday

This week I have a lot more WIPs than usual. Here’s the rundown:

1: This is technically an old WIP. It was meant to be shown for 4-H but I set it aside to finish the Donkey Quilt. I unexpectedly picked it back up this week… I love it when that happens! When I left this bad boy I had just started putting the squares into columns. Now, the squares are all in columns which are patiently waiting to be put together.

2:. My newest shop sample is coming along slowly but surely. The pattern is very straightforward and simple. I think its turning out well!

3: This is my newest WIP! Remember Strike Out!? Well, its recipient wants to learn how to quilt! He decided he wanted to make a HST quilt based off one from Pinterest. Woohoo 250 HSTs!!! We’re starting off with this pile o’pretties (12 fat quarters) and we’ll go from there.

I love those little birdies and that black is so…BLACK! Know what I mean??


A Frosty, Flimsy Finish

I was up late last night pushing to finish up the holiday shop sample. I liked the top until I got to the borders…I realize now that I really hate borders.

The quilt top is made using fabrics from the collection Holiday Frost by Jan Shade Beach for Henry Glass. The pattern was a freebie from Henry Glass and it used the panel in the collection.

The pattern was very straight forward, though monotonous at times. One thing that’s weird in the pattern is that the star points closest to the border are noticeably smaller than the rest of the points. Personally, it drove me insane! I also had issues with the sashing being longer than the panels, so there is a lot of puckers. Hmm, I wonder if it was me or the pattern..?

Speaking of the panels, these critters are absolutely adorable!

My favorite has to be the owl though. He looks so peaceful!!

As cute as the quilt is, it was a pain in my bottom and I’m glad its gone!