State Fair Recap

I kinda hate to write about this because it still rustles my feathers but here we go…

Yesterday was Quilt Day at the State Fair. I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent my county in You Can Quilt!.
After a three hour drive, I arrived at the Fair and I got judged pretty much right away. The judge was a very nice lady by the name of Pat (I believe) and she gave Stretch and me very nice comments.
“The squares are lined up very well.”
“The quilt is square.”
“Your quilting is great considering you didn’t use a hoop.”
Her only constructive criticism was that my stitches were too large, which I knew that. (Don’t go to see Amish quilts before a show; they really make you think twice about your work!)

At State, they give out two types of awards. The first is the Clock Trophy, essentially first place. The second type is an Outstanding of the Day, the Top 20% judged. They awarded four girls in my category. I was not one of them.

I am a good sport, so I didn’t get mad until I received my score sheet back. Excellents all across the board. The only thing I can think that knocked me down was my pattern. For You Can Quilt! you receive a project book with a pattern for an alternating four patch or a rail fence. Obviously I didn’t do either. I knew making Stretch was a risk but no where in the book does it say you must make the patterns given; in fact there was one question that asked if you did the book’s pattern or your own.

I think to make the State Fair’s Quilt Day much fairer, they should make categories much like they do in real Quilt Shows. It is not fair for some one who tied their quilt to be put up against some one who hand quilted theirs. It just isn’t fair.

Another thing I question is how there can be a Top 20% when we are scored by Excellent, Good, Fair, etc. If there is a higher scoring system, shouldn’t the exhibitor be allowed to see it to make improvements?
Do you guys agree?

(Please don’t take my rant meaning I think that I should have won and everyone who did didn’t deserve it. I do question it but I am sure everyone who placed deserved it!)

What’s next for Stretch? Well, he won’t be taking his rightful place on my wall just yet. I have two more real shows to put him in (and of course the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival!). After that, he should be able to go into retirement…Maybe!