Of Mice and Men

This past week, I had no motivation to sew. Period. I was not home so I planned to work on my only hand project at the moment, my Alligator Quilt. It didn’t happen. I haven’t worked on that for almost a year!

When I got back home, I had grand, romantic ideas of finishing my Tennessee Waltz Quilt. I did get the columns put together so now it just needs borders. The issue is, though, that the quilt disgusts me at the moment. I mean I love the pattern and love the fabrics even more, but it is the quality. I can’t believe I planned to enter this in a show! It passes the “Gallop and Grin” rule but I just can’t stand it, at least for he moment.

To ease my disgusted-ness, I decided to cut into some of my uber cute Oinkadoodle Moo by Jenn Ski for Moda. I bought a kit a while back to make a simple panel quilt, but I was looking at the directions first (for once!). and realized that I would have some upside down animals…We just can’t have that now can we? So I made my own pattern up!

I came up with a simple star pattern. My goal was to make this quilt with accuracy in mind and I was so set on that thought that I was starching simple HSTs! I was all prepared for my new star quilt and I thought it was going to be the cutest thing in the world. But, you know what they say about the best laid schemes…. I was so upset that the star wasn’t noticeable! So back to the drawing board I went.

Of course I had already cut most of my stash into right triangles so I knew I had to selvage what I could. I came up with a new idea, which lead to some fussycutting.

Hopefully my plan works well… If it doesn’t thats $50 down the drain!

I’m having fun improv piecing these “interesting” sashing. Isn’t it funny how I was once all about accuracy and now I’m onto improv??

It is certainly hard to create a pattern from a kit… What a fun challenge that would be! Any takers??


New Love

So my mad crazy week has ended but I haven’t gotten back to my sewing machine. In my dash to get some sewing in last weekend, I decided to try something new. Here is my first excursion into Foundation Paper Piecing!

I’m kinda in love with paper piecing!! It definitely was a bumpy ride but it was fun and the results are so pretty! Can you see my mistake?

The lovely ladies at my quilt shoppe gave me the patterns, which were left overs from their Quilting 101 class. I then used some leftovers of Honey Honey (I need a better stash!) and I think its a cute little block (actually 12″ square).

I guess I can’t follow directions because that’s where the mistakes came in. I used the wrong fabric, and cut, for one of the pieces so I had to adjust the pattern. I’m still very pleased with my work, especially since I taught myself.

I can’t wait to dabble more into paper piecing!

The Calm Before the Storm

You know that calm before the storm? Yeah that’s where I am at right now. Next week I’m working from 7am-9pm almost every day. Yeah crazy. Needless to say I won’t have time for sewing.

I didn’t want to get out any of my larger projects only for a little bit so I decided to make a wonky house for Amy and her village. Well after I was done I just had to make another!

So this wonky little shack has almost set a ball rolling. Dontcha think a wonky village in reds, grays, whites, and blacks be adorable?? As if I don’t have enough projects! So I’ll continue to turn it over and over in my head, but I was thinking would you want to help me? Maybe if there’s some interest I’ll do it and have a give-away as reward? What do you think?

‘Til next week (most likely)!!

I Plead Quilty…

…to starting another WIP. In the next couple days I’ll be spending a ton of time in the car as passenger so I needed a nice hand project, and as soon as I heard about the Double Wedding Ring Challenge I knew what I was gonna do. I am English Paper Piecing a DWR!!

I am only using three fabrics, two of which are a gold metallic, and the third (which is not shown) is a silver metallic. The idea in my head is really cool so I’m hoping it’ll play out perfect!

I have never EPP’ed before but I’m diving right in! I bought this cute little pencil case then decorated it with the uber cute circus stickers (which I bought both for a total of $2.40!) to hold my supplies. It’s cute but now the question is whether it works or not!

In my little kit I have my 2-1/2″ squares of fabric, my templates, needles, thread, paper clips (for basting help) and post-its.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my newest WIP… I’m hoping for a finish post in a week!!!

WIP Wednesday

This week I have a lot more WIPs than usual. Here’s the rundown:

1: This is technically an old WIP. It was meant to be shown for 4-H but I set it aside to finish the Donkey Quilt. I unexpectedly picked it back up this week… I love it when that happens! When I left this bad boy I had just started putting the squares into columns. Now, the squares are all in columns which are patiently waiting to be put together.

2:. My newest shop sample is coming along slowly but surely. The pattern is very straightforward and simple. I think its turning out well!

3: This is my newest WIP! Remember Strike Out!? Well, its recipient wants to learn how to quilt! He decided he wanted to make a HST quilt based off one from Pinterest. Woohoo 250 HSTs!!! We’re starting off with this pile o’pretties (12 fat quarters) and we’ll go from there.

I love those little birdies and that black is so…BLACK! Know what I mean??

Sample #2

I don’t know why, but I cannot keep my hands idle. After going to my local quilt shop, I came home with a bundle of Joyful Harvest by Sandy Lynam Clough for Red Rooster for another shop sample.

These fabrics aren’t really my style but the table runner and placemats are pretty cute. This is another panel pattern and theres some cute piecing as well. Hopefully this one has fewer troubles than Holiday Frost.


Because I can’t sit still, last weekend I volunteered to make a shop sample for my LQS. Both the fabrics and pattern are absolutely adorable!

I really like how quick the panel quilts come together!

My goal is to have it done for next Monday…. I think I can do it!

The Quilting…

…is DONE!! It actually wasn’t that long of a haul and I really enjoyed it. I love hand-quilting!

I quilted it by first outlining the donkey and his/her saddle pad. I then went diagonally across every other square.

The quilting is practically invisible, but that’s how I planned it. I wanted the beautiful fabrics of Honey Honey (and the donkey!) to be the focal point.

I am very happy with how it came out and all I hope is that the 4-H judges like it too!

Next, I’m going to whip up a tiny label. I have a solid 2 weeks before judging. Who would have thought I would have extra time?! (Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon…)

Wind-Blown Backing

I finished the pieced back for my Donkey Quilt the other day. Its a simple alternating four-patch, but I know its very busy with the borders. I think the business makes it fun!

What do you think? Do you think its wonky? I’m worried about that…

I’ll hopefully baste it soon, which shouldn’t take me long. I bought a polyester batting that you iron to baste….hmmm we’ll see how it goes! Th hardest part will be lining the seams up on the front and back. Does anyone have any tricks for that??

Oh, and I’ll square it up later (better late than never!).

{WIP Wednesday}

Its been slow going the past week, so I don’t have much to share. I did start working on my pieced back.

Its a simple alternating four patch in the same Honey Honey fabrics as the front. Its small so I need some yardage to bring it up in size. Hopefully, I’ll get some tonight. I’m planning on getting the large blue-ish floral that’s on the donkeys back on the front.
Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to share sooner rather than later!