The Calm Before the Storm

You know that calm before the storm? Yeah that’s where I am at right now. Next week I’m working from 7am-9pm almost every day. Yeah crazy. Needless to say I won’t have time for sewing.

I didn’t want to get out any of my larger projects only for a little bit so I decided to make a wonky house for Amy and her village. Well after I was done I just had to make another!

So this wonky little shack has almost set a ball rolling. Dontcha think a wonky village in reds, grays, whites, and blacks be adorable?? As if I don’t have enough projects! So I’ll continue to turn it over and over in my head, but I was thinking would you want to help me? Maybe if there’s some interest I’ll do it and have a give-away as reward? What do you think?

‘Til next week (most likely)!!